Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Travel On This Side Of The World

Welcome back! I have made it home. June was a month of travel. I love to travel and I loved it all, but I must say it will be good to be at home for awhile.
This past weekend my husband and I visited our kids in New York City. We arrived in Jersey City and were waiting at The Path to catch a ride into New York City and our son-in-law Drake came walking up to us. There were several other places he could have gotten on the train and we never would have seen him. The timing of it was perfect. We had only been in the city for an hour when we met him. It was such a surprise that I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. So he welcomed us and rode into the city with us.
Next we got to meet up with our son, Caleb at the place where he works in Manhattan. We had not seen him since Christmas. It was a joy to see his face.
Ashli, our daughter got to meet us for coffee later in the afternoon. By then Drake had returned from his appointment and shared our coffee time. I had a fabulous latte!
It was a fine reunion and a very special time. I love seeing my kids. There are so many ways to communicate these days, but there is nothing like seeing your child's face, and giving them hugs.
Great things are happening in all of their lives. It has given me joy beyond words.

Next Week

Hi Friends,
I did not have time to post today. Forgive me.
Please check back next week. Have an awesome weekend!

He Is Watching Over Me

Recently I was on a mission trip to Sri Lanka. It is a very intense time for that nation. I was there in the month of February. Six hundred people had been killed in that nation from January first of this year until the day I arrived there. Four hundred of that number had been civilians.
I felt that it was the Lord's idea that we go there to pray with the people and encourage them. I had an assurance in my heart that all would be well for us. However the loved ones back home struggled with our going. It brought many to their knees on our behalf.
One of my cousins was very disturbed by the possibility of us being in danger. She was crying out to the Lord on our behalf one day. She felt she heard Him respond to her prayer with these words, "I am watching her like a hawk."
My cousin lives in a big city in the Midwest and she said that she had never really noticed any hawks there until after she heard the Lord speak. Within a few minutes she saw a hawk. And then she saw two more. By the end of the day, she had seen fifteen hawks. The Lord made it very clear to her that He was watching over us.
Many things happened on that journey and I can assure you that the Lord made it obvious He was watching over me.
I will share more of this story tomorrow.

Because He Lives!