Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lemon Drop Tea Room

We successfully made our escape!
We left our neck of the woods for another and boy did we have fun!

It was a short run ... we left late Monday morning and returned late evening Tuesday.

Rachel is going to marry this summer ...

She is our girl ...

My friend is mom number one ...

And I am mom number two ...

Rachel adopted me some time ago ... an unexpected delight!

We talked about wedding locations, dresses, flowers, and of course food.

That was our wedding talk ...

Then we moved on to coffee shops, vintage dresses, and hmmm ... lots of other girly things!

The morning of the second day we visited an amazing coffee shop. Rachel and I love our coffee and she knew I would love this place! Everyone in the shop was having their Bible time! Cool, we thought!

We dropped Rachel off at school barely getting her there in time for class. We hugged her neck and promised to keep in touch. Did I tell you that she is absolutely darling?

Renee' (mom number 1) and I went to the damaged food store ...

Interesting ...

Beneficial ...

Prudent ...

P31 style ...

Car weighted down, we headed for home.

Renee' spotted a sign on the way home ... Lemon Drop Tea Room ...

Hmmmm ...

We kinda had other plans ...

Should we stop?

I am up for adventure ... so we got off the beaten path and headed for the Lemon Drop!

It was love at first sight!

It was decked in bright and cheery style ... every table said "welcome" ...

Finally, we found our place.

They served a sampler plate (on mismatched fine china) ...

a bit of salad,

a dainty cup of soup,

a quarter of a chicken salad sandwich on marble rye bread ...

and a potato quiche (which was new for both of us and may I say, simply out of this world!)

We finished our meal by sharing their signature dessert ... lemon cake!

"Not so into lemon cake", says I, but that one is worth repeating a little two hour trip East for. It was divine!

The Lemon Drop Tea Room is located at the end of the most amazing little strip of shops we had ever seen. Thus our three hour delay in the antique store next to the Lemon Drop.

Wish you could have seen this place! It was the cutest little shop we had ever, ever seen! We fell in love with it! It wasn't just the inventory that was so inviting, it was how they had put it all together. Have you ever seen a Romantic Homes magazine?
It was like stepping into it's pages and getting to walk around ... and touch and smell and enjoy at another dimension!

Umbrellas hung from the ceiling ...

Drawer pulls on dressers were made out of lace ...

Ideas galore!

We brought home a couple of things ... and we left so many wonderful things behind!

For next time ... I hope!

I bought a chair ... I put it in my new guest room ... if you come over to stay you can see it.

It will be a favorite for a very long time ...

There is another story about our trip that I must tell ... but it will have to wait.

The best part of the journey happened on the way home.

My friend prayed for me. Really, really prayed ... She took a long time to pray ...

And I needed that more than I needed a beautiful new, antique chair!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Heart Lifter

"Awake, north wind,
and come, south wind!
Blow on my garden,
that its fragrance may spread abroad.
Let my lover come into His garden
and taste its choice fruits."
Song of Songs 4:16

I love to worship Jesus with passion.

There are times my heart gets so heavy that it feels as if it is literally dragging the ground. I have discovered a few remedies,heart lifters. They have come in various forms, such as the smile of a child, a timely message from a dear friend, or a new worship song.

Misty Edward's new cd, Fling Wide, has been a heart lifter for me.

It is full of beautiful worship songs. Songs that draw me right to the heart of God.

It has brought healing and refreshing to my soul.

Song number 5 is hard for me to sing. I don't like all of the words.

Worship is praying to music, is it not?

The words of song number 5 pray like this:

"Awake, awake, O north wind
Awake, awake, O south wind
Blow over me
Come, O wind of testing
Come, winds of refreshing
Blow over me
Let the winds blow ..."

This song is directly quoted from Song of Songs. The Bride petitions her Bridegroom to let the north winds blow on her garden. The south winds too. The north winds are symbolic of the hard times ... the harsh, momentary seasons, the Job lessons of life.

The south winds bring refreshing. They are the breathers in life,respites between tides.

I have experienced many north winds in my life. I have learned so much from them. I have snuggled closer to the heart of God during those frigid, seemingly heartless, hurtful seasons, and found such a warmth, I never would have discovered otherwise, so near His heart. It was a place warmth and wealth of love for me. A refuge. A crevice in the rock where He covered me with His hand. But those seasons are difficult and I don't enjoy them at all.

So I am hesitant to invite them ... even if it means that I will grow in my affection for my Beloved Jesus. Even if it means that others will see Him more clearly as they witness my suffering while walking in His grace.

So I mumble through that line of the song while singing the next line with courage and boldness ...

"Awake, awake, O south winds ..."

It does not take courage to ask for refreshing winds.

It is like asking for a trip to the Bahamas.

A north wind is blowing outside today.

I have stayed in ... I hear it ... it invites me to open the door and come out and play.

It wails ...

It reminds ...

It chills me to the bone ...

I stay inside with a hot cup of coffee.

Just the thought of it discourages my desire to petition for it.

Winter seasons pass ... eventually spring wins the game of tug of war with winter and it comes ...

Soon everything is blooming and I hardly remember the bite of winter winds

as I once again bask in gentle breezes ...

I find that I appreciate spring so much more after a hard winter.

I would love to share one of Misty's cds with you. Just leave a comment and I will enter your name in a drawing.


Friday, February 12, 2010


I have been considering my days. What is worthy of time, what is futile? What deserves my attention, where should I linger, what should I ignore?
A heritage is being woven behind me. My children will rest in the creases of the garment called legacy being prepared as I walk out my destiny.

Legacy calls for prudence ...

What is the most important baton to place in the hands of my children?
What would help them the most to endure to the end?
Is there something to be passed that would carry them through the difficult seasons, encouraging them on their way?
Oh, that they would enjoy the Lord as I have ...
that they would they listen for His whisper, His song, His laughter,
and they would delight in His presence never losing their awe of Him!

So I pray~

Oh, Lord, let me pass these wonders on to my children. Let this be their heritage! Their greatest delight!
I will be a failure if they do not have revelation of who You truly are!
Let joy spring in their heart like a fountain!
Let Your promises set passion to dancing in their hearts!
Let childlike wonder and awe inspire them to seek you more!
Oh, that they would bask in Your beauty, eye witnesses of Your glory,reveling in Your joy!
This is my petition! That they would be great in You,Lord! Mighty men and women of valor who love Your name!

Most of all, may they enjoy You forever, truly experiencing the pleasure that is only found in You!