Friday, July 22, 2011



vibrant springtime
birds singing happy melodies
trees dressed in the greenest of greens
earth shouting happy
so happy to be alive
drink filled


breezes dare to blow
the heat around
weeds bow lower
cowering near earth
away from sun
earth baking
in the summer heat
green fades to brown
the thirsty
pleading to be quenched


rain returning
clouds  hovering
roots cease reaching
brittle leaves softening
all the wilting lift their heads
gazing upward ready
for the pour of heaven

a time of refreshing has come
life is renewed
hope revived
thirst quenched
heart heals

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Closet

"And Lord! hear me as I pray that Thou wouldest everywhere bless the closets of Thy believing people." Andrew Murray

My closets runneth over and there is no room for me!

I have been sorting, piling, purging with a toss here and a pitch there. I am overwhelmed. I even brought my daughter who is an expert with organizational skills (she even considered making it a profession . . . and, yes, I am her real mother!) from New York City to help me. Ashli has no problem letting me know that something is just not right for me to wear even if I do love it! I am so grateful for her honesty because it has helped me to discard apparel that I would probably hang onto until the Lord returns if it were up to me, just in case it would be the perfect thing to wear someday.

The bedroom closet that I share with my husband is rather small. tiny compared to the closets that are out there today. Some of my friends have closets that could be a small bedroom. So I decided to fix my dilemma by making the smallest bedroom in our house, the one closest to our room into a closet for me. I painted it a warm, welcome pink, added a few antique pieces, and some vintage art and "voila". It was so much fun fixing it up, but over time, I am afraid, it has become a catch-all the place to stash anything and everything in haste.

The day of reckoning has arrived and I am restoring the closet room to a healthy, happy state, meaning I am going to be very happy when the project is complete.

Once upon a time, most of a home was public with shared living spaces. The closet was one of the few places of privacy. Imagine all that might have happened in one.

I have been reading two books about the "secret place" Jesus called a closet. He said to go in, not to hide your stash or to find it, but to find Him. He promised to meet anyone who would be willing to make their closet a place to seek Him. Of course, I don't take this literal, but in a way, I do. I don't want to work so hard at filling my closet because I really desire more time resting in it . . . meeting Jesus there. I want my closet to runneth over with Him!

"Lord, draw us all in the closet nearer to Thyself and the Father. Amen." Andrew Murray