Friday, July 15, 2011

The Closet

"And Lord! hear me as I pray that Thou wouldest everywhere bless the closets of Thy believing people." Andrew Murray

My closets runneth over and there is no room for me!

I have been sorting, piling, purging with a toss here and a pitch there. I am overwhelmed. I even brought my daughter who is an expert with organizational skills (she even considered making it a profession . . . and, yes, I am her real mother!) from New York City to help me. Ashli has no problem letting me know that something is just not right for me to wear even if I do love it! I am so grateful for her honesty because it has helped me to discard apparel that I would probably hang onto until the Lord returns if it were up to me, just in case it would be the perfect thing to wear someday.

The bedroom closet that I share with my husband is rather small. tiny compared to the closets that are out there today. Some of my friends have closets that could be a small bedroom. So I decided to fix my dilemma by making the smallest bedroom in our house, the one closest to our room into a closet for me. I painted it a warm, welcome pink, added a few antique pieces, and some vintage art and "voila". It was so much fun fixing it up, but over time, I am afraid, it has become a catch-all the place to stash anything and everything in haste.

The day of reckoning has arrived and I am restoring the closet room to a healthy, happy state, meaning I am going to be very happy when the project is complete.

Once upon a time, most of a home was public with shared living spaces. The closet was one of the few places of privacy. Imagine all that might have happened in one.

I have been reading two books about the "secret place" Jesus called a closet. He said to go in, not to hide your stash or to find it, but to find Him. He promised to meet anyone who would be willing to make their closet a place to seek Him. Of course, I don't take this literal, but in a way, I do. I don't want to work so hard at filling my closet because I really desire more time resting in it . . . meeting Jesus there. I want my closet to runneth over with Him!

"Lord, draw us all in the closet nearer to Thyself and the Father. Amen." Andrew Murray

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Laura said...

Hi, Cheri! Do you think you can send Ashli to WV? My closet needs some serious help. My husband teases me that I am still wearing clothes I had in high school (which is not true because these days I couldn't fit in those!). There is something so satisfying about cleaning those spaces, isn't there? I think maybe it has to do with the scriptures you refer to. We need to keep space in our hearts AND our closets!
Love you, lady. Thinking of you.