Monday, January 19, 2009

Random Reflections

What an amazing weekend! Wow! Is life supposed to be this much fun? 

I had the best weekend! I laughed so hard that my aging process was hindered a bit (thank you, Jesus!). I think this because it was announced Sunday at church that laughing is so healthy for you........if you laugh good and hard for 20 seconds several times a day it is like doing a workout! I think we, my friends and I,  laughed enough Friday night that we can just skip the physical work out for the next week or so! Whew! That makes me happy enough to laugh some more!

The slumber party was so much fun. We had deep moments of sharing godly testimonies, godly thoughts, godly wisdom and then goofiness would just creep into the moment and lighten everything up! It was an awesome combination! Deep and Fun! 

Four a.m. came unbelievably fast! I was still awake! It is true that time flies when you are having fun! I think my eyelids finally settled in for rest around 4:30. I am still recovering!

I got up around 8 a. m. or so then prepared to head for Kansas City where I had planned to meet with Shelley dear friend that I worked with in India and Sri Lanka. She is a beautiful! She is a missionary home for a rest. We were planning to meet but plans fell through last minute. I was on the way to Kansas City when I got her message.

I felt like I was supposed to keep going. 

So I kept going.

I was also planning to make a stop at IHOP........the International House Of Prayer. I was going to sit in the prayer room and just have some special quiet time........

On my way I got hungry. I was thinking that Tomato Basil Soup from Applebees would settle the pangs so I left the freeway to find an Applebees. There was a sign for one but there was also a detour that led me around and around and I nearly gave up trying to find the place.

Funny........when I pulled in the parking spot I had chosen, "I finally found where I belong........" were the words I heard the worship leader singing on my new cd.  Had to smile about that! Yep, I had finally found the restaurant...........!

The hostess seated me at a very large booth. I knew what I wanted. The waitress was very sweet. My mind was on getting my food and getting to IHOP........Cortney was sweet. She waited on me.  I was totally absorbed in eating that wonderful food.......I finally glanced up and there was Cortney.....she had lots of questions........all of her questions led to life, prayer, God, and more stuff like that. 

Finally she began to unload. Her life is rough. She is hurting. She has made some mistakes. She had moved back in with her mom. She needs good friends. She doesn't believe in God.......


other spiritual beings..........yes.............

a higher power..........but not God........

I had to say it, "If what you believe isn't true would you want to know it?"

She looked at me.........thinking.........."hmmmmmm.........yeah...........I see what you mean......."

She wanted to know how long I would be in town..........

"I am heading back home tonight..." I say. It is one hundred miles back home.........

"Oh, because I would like to go to the prayer room with you.........but I can't right now because of work,"  she says........

I must have had the look of "seriously?" all over my face..........

She felt like I was sent for her..........she wants to find help........I was wishing that I could stay.......I couldn't..........

She hugged me. 

She had to go back to work.........

I gave her my phone number and e-mail.......

I went to the prayer room...........she was the only thing on my I spiritually carried Cortney into the prayer room and put her in the arms of Jesus praying that she would find him. I prayed that  her search would lead her to Him............that someone would come into her life right behind me with more of the truth........In fact I prayed that she would be bombarded with truth and love until she receives and is able to lead someone else to truth and love.........

Cortney took a lot of my time........I didn't have long in the prayer room..........just long enough to lay down the burden that I had picked up along the way........down the road a an out of the way Applebees........(I had passed several)...........

After the prayer room I was back on the rode again.........heading home but.........

there was more to come......... I will not go into that now...........I can only tell you that there are times when the Lord makes your assignment obvious.........We think we are searching for a restaurant.......and suddenly what used to be all about us becomes totally about someone else.........their soul...........and suddenly life is put in perspective.........Life here is temporal.........very short........eternity beckons many who have never heard of eternal life.....and we are called to sow, or water, or reap..........

Just wondering..........would you join me in prayer for Cortney because I didn't leave her having confidence that she knows fact she has no idea who He is.........will you join me in pleading for her soul????? 

She needs Him.........

She wants she needs Him.........she wants she needs Him.........she wants to have a healthy she needs if you and I are praying perhaps she will find what she is really looking for.

 Thank you friends for joining me in this quest! I am believing that together we will have a part in her salvation.........eternity will reveal the facts because it will all be then we will have forgotten..........and I probably won't even recognize Cortney when we meet again on the eternal shore, because she won't even look the same.........hmmm maybe I won't either!!!!

Isn't the Lord good? Isn't He amazing? I am so in awe of Him! His ways are higher! And better for all!

Believing for Cortney's soul!!!!!!!!

And you know what..........let's believe BIG and ask for her whole household to be saved!!!! 
Nothing is too difficult for the Lord!

Believing Him for Big things!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Fabulous Fun Fridays/Random

Hello Friends~

I have been praying about this post for a few days and I have decided that I will just write some random stuff.

Scotty took me out on a date last night. We went to the show because I talked him into it.....he wasn't the most excited man in town. Only one other woman had trapped her man into going to that particular movie that was playing in our small theater downtown  last night. It was only around 14 degrees outside.........we do have an indoor theater in our town........ but most couples probably decided to snuggle at home on the couch with their popcorn......That other woman in the theater and I, we had some persuasive power!

The previews began to roll and my husband began to breathe heavy........boredom was already setting in........I was feeling a little guilty about talking him into this show. Usually he can get into the previews at least..........I admit they were not so entertaining.

Bride Wars, the movie, began.........and we endured it.........Sometimes when I watch a movie at the theater when they begin to roll the credits I just don't want to move.....a hush comes over me and I am still connected to the movie somehow and I just don't want to leave........yet.....

As soon as the screen turned black we were up and heading out. We did not get any connection with that movie at all. It wasn't bad as in just wasn't funny! They had shown every funny part in the previews. It think they were afraid we wouldn't get the jokes unless we saw them twice! 

A tiredness settled over us like we had really endured something important!!!!! WooHoo!!!!!

I don't think we will talk about it much! But this experience might cost me some persuasive power next time I think that I want to go see a chick flick with my man........I think I need to give him some recovery time!


I am going to a slumber party tonight. Some very godly women that I love are meeting at a cabin and we are going to have a spiritual retreat.  I told my daughter about it and she thought this was just weird! Maybe, but I think that we will have some great fun. I love godly fellowship!

I am not very good at all nighters but hopefully nobody at the party will be and we can all get a little sleep. 

When I was a young girl I was always the first to conk out at slumber parties. This was not good. I got beans put up my nose and in my ears........and other very mean things done to me. It was not fun. But I always recovered the humiliation before the next slumber party. 

Changing the subject........speaking of my daughter, she is going to be 27 years old tomorrow! Can you believe that? I just know that you are saying you cannot believe that!!!! 

I had Ashli 27 years ago. She was born at home in our tiny two bedroom apartment on  one of the coldest night Chicago had experienced in fifty years. The wind chill was below 70 degrees. The temperatures were 20 below!!!! It was very cold. So I just decided to stay home and have her at home. That was the way my grandmother had her babies. Why not?

Actually it was a very planned out home-birth........and in all seriousness........out of the five live births I have had,  I treasure the home-birth experience the most........not the child the most.......but that was one awesome birthing experience! If they had legally let me have my baby at home in Kansas, Caleb, Luke and Josiah would have been born at home too!

After the midwife and Dr. left Ashli's delivery that cold January night, Scotty and I were dressing her in a little homemade gown that I had picked up at this amazing little shop (not the Jones store or Penny's not that there is anything wrong with Jones or Penny's. She has had plenty of pretty things from there)  for her to wear. She grinned the whole time we were dressing her. She was BEAUTIFUL!!!! (and still is!) Her daddy's reply to all that sweet grinning she was giving us was, "Oh, no! She likes clothes already!"

The is one thing that has carried over from that night. Ashli has her momma's love for clothes! Bless her heart! 

So, tomorrow, January 17th, if you happen to see my beautiful Ashli girl wandering around your part of the world, give her a hug for me! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ASH! YOUR MOMMA LOVES YOU!

Another story..........a U S Airways plane went into the Hudson River yesterday........this was disturbing for a momma that has two children and a son-in-law that live minutes from where this incident happened.........I am just sure Caleb saw it........ I haven't gotten to talk to him yet but He is always at the right place at the right time to see all the important things that are going on in the world.........He even saw the Pope in Rome when he was announcing the new seven deadly sins or something like that. It was a historical moment and so Caleb of course was an eyewitness! Believe it or not, it is true! (I don't have a confirmation that he saw it, I just know because it happened about 10 minutes from where he lives and the Lord just doesn't let him miss anything.......but maybe you shouldn't tell that he saw because that would probably be gossip since I am not 100% sure that he did indeed see it! I will let you know!)

Thankfully my children were not on that plane.........every one survived the crash......praise the Lord.........Next time I fly into New York City or my children fly out of it or back into it I am going to pray that there are NO birds in the sky!!!! NONE!!!!! Maybe I should begin praying about this now!

I must go for now! Hope your weekend is fun, fun, fun! May I suggest.......don't bother seeing the movie Bride Wars if you want to have fun! It is not fun, it is WORK!!!!

Love to all!!!!!

The Lord is smiling on YOU!


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Be Seen

It came in the form of prayer, this desire of my heart........

"Be found on my countenance, Lord."

I am nothing without the presence of Your sweet glory beaming from my face. 

I lay face up like a sunbather on the beach expecting to receive her glow..........

I often lay face down.....knowing that I will find You there..........but today I am looking up!

My face is upward toward the heavens............begging you to bring some glow..........

I want You to SHINE on this face of mine and when I walk away I want some radiance from this moment to just keep on shining until we meet like this again!

I cannot be content until You are seen in my life!

Stars are bright and they shine but they are so far away hanging in the universe with little power to leave a bronze trail upon this vessel. 

I do not want to gaze on Your beauty from a distance............

Come near

Be like the sun.......come as close as You can and let others know that I have been Son bathing! Soaking up some..........ra-....... ra-.....radiance!!!!! 

Then when the homeless child encounters You on my face let her know that it is Your love that she sees. I pray that she will find You as her refuge............Help me to meet her need! Let it begin with the shine of my face!

And the woman who has been left behind..........traded in for a newer model..........Oh, God when she encounters You on my face let her find total acceptance knowing You never leave or forsake us......You are always faithful..........Let that truth be seen on this countenance of

When the lonely one comes across my path today......... let them see on this face of mine that You are a friend..........yes, a friend that sticks closer than a brother! You beckon us to come into fellowship with You!

Be seen, Lord! Be seen on this face of mine!!!!!!! So that others will know how truly wonderful You are!

And I will be coming back soon with my face toward the heavens to bask in the glow of You!

Soaking in His Rays!!!!!


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

From The Other Side

About this time last year I was making preparations to go the the land of India and Sri Lanka. I was very busy tying up every loose end that came to mind. I made six different kinds of soup and put them in the freezer in single serving sizes so that my husband wouldn't completely starve while I was gone. 
It is very different in Southeast Asia. I knew what to expect because I had been to India before.  Poverty and wealth marry one another to form a society. Most of the people still hold fast to ancient traditions, customs, and dress that have never been common here. 

The food is very different. I remember the first time I visited India I ate something that was very, very tough. Soon I learned that I had pigs tongue in my mouth. Oh, my! What to do with it! So I chewed until I was able to swallow.

Did I mention the bathroom facilities, or the slums, or the people in masses beyond belief? It is a different world. 

While reading through Genesis recently I discovered that the word Hebrew is first mentioned in Genesis 14:13. Hebrew means "one from the other side". 

I love this. The verse is talking about Abram for the first time ever referring to him as a Hebrew. 

Hebrews 11:8-10 says, "By faith Abraham, when he was called, obeyed by going out to a place which he was to receive for an inheritance; and he went out, not knowing where he was going. By faith he lived as an alien in the land of promise, as in a foreign land, dwelling in tents with Isaac and Jacob, fellow heirs of the same promise; for he was looking for the city which has foundations, whose architect and builder is God."

Abraham never thought he belonged here in this world..........because true to his name, (Hebrew) he was one from the other side.

I can relate. When I was on the other side of the globe on foreign soil, though I loved my visit, I knew that I did not belong there. Those dear countries are not my home. My temporal home is here on this American soil. But sometimes I get restless because I don't really belong here either. This is not my home, I am just passing through. There is a better home waiting for me and it has an eternal foundation that will never be shaken. 

When I was India I would get so homesick. I don't ever remember missing my house or my car or even my cat and dogs while I was there. I missed my husband. I missed that man like I could hardly believe! 

I don't get homesick for heaven because I am longing for a mansion, or streets of gold, or a life without problems, but I can tell you for certain that I long to see the One who sits on the throne. I want to see His eyes that are like fire. I want to see Him in all of His glory and all of His splendor. I want to hear His familiar voice and see the radiance of His smile. I want to worship Him right there in the throne room. There is so much waiting for me on the other side!

So I am not getting too settled. I yearning for something better and it can't even be found here. I guess I am a Hebrew at heart because I know my real home is on the other side!



Thursday, January 8, 2009


I am experiencing a brainstorm. 
It is not a typical brainstorm. It is rather unusual. 
I am not putting one thought together with another creatively crafting some marvel
for someone to enjoy. I am just having a storm in my brain. Clouds have gathered and
thunder and lighting are manifesting their threats and I am waiting for the cloud to burst.
It is not that I am unhappy. I feel joy.......a rush explodes in my heart as I write the words..... its just that there are some things to be dealt I bow, I wait.........He comes...........He whispers sweet nothings.........I hear Him speak to the storm, "Be still" He commands and the thunder and lightening quiet themselves at His rebuke........A calm settles upon rescuer has strong hiding place. 
I am safe.
I rest.
We talk. I hear myself unloading the fury of my mind. He listens. He nods. He waits.
I finish, my head near His heart. He tenderly holds my hurts in His hands and deposits them in a treasure chest. He carries it away, out of sight, away..........beyond my reach.
I am safe. 
I rest.
I am restored. 
My friend, Jesus has come to listen and to comfort. 
I lift my eyes. My mind is clear. I see a rainbow. Beautiful promises have sprung up like the beautiful flowers of spring. Some of the promises are not new........I have just been reminded of them.
I am ready to go now. 
This day will be a blessing..........My rescuer will be pleased..........
I hope that as He watches the day go by, what He sees will make Him dance..........and I will have the courage to join Him.......