Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I will be away for several days. I expect to come home full of inspiration! Please check back in.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Personality According to Pooh Bear and Friends

I must attribute this genius idea to my son Caleb.

He compared all of our family's personalities to Pooh Bear characters.

I have been studying the different personality styles for years so his summation both tickled and intrigued me.

The four basic personality styles are as follows:

Tigger's (Sanguine) ... Tigger's personality is full of bounce and spunk. They are the life of the party and enjoy having all of the attention. They struggle a bit with ego, but for the most part they just like having fun. If there is a stage, they want to be on it. If there is a party, they want to attend. They tell the stories and provide the entertainment at family dinners. Sanguine's (Tigger's) know a lot of people, are liked by almost everyone (except those who cannot tolerate bounce in their lives) but relationships are often shallow. Our Caleb has a Tigger personality and we miss his bounce when he cannot be present at the family gatherings. He always brings a reason to giggle to the table.

Rabbit (Choleric) ... Rabbit's personality is a "let's do it this (my) way" kind of guy. He makes lists, wants everything just so, and he is usually the one who knows just how it should be. He is a good boss, except that he can always do it better than anyone else (he thinks) so he usually does it himself, just easier that way. He likes to be chief, administrative, and tell others how the world should turn. He is confident and his confidence can be intimidating ... but not usually to a Sanguine ... they just roll with the punches. We have a couple of rabbits in our family. They help to keep the rest of us in line. We thank the Lord for them.

Christopher Robbin (phlegmatic) ... easy going, loving, encouraging ... the peaceful child. He is supportive of the whole family, is loyal, loving and kind. The flaw of this personality trait is that they can be so peaceful that they might be on the lazy side at times. They don't struggle with deadlines ... "I'll get it in sometime" is their motto. They are not easily moved by the opinions of others. They want to keep the peace at all cost so they just don't stir the waters. Don't offend them, it is hard to win their hearts back. Christopher Robbins are very easy to raise, unless you want their homework turned in on time. Josiah is our Christopher Robbin.

Owl (Melancholy) ... (I don't know if owl is the best example for a melancholy, but I will give it a try). Melancholy's are perfectionist in every way. They have meticulous habits and expectations. Sometimes a person with a Melancholy personality might have a bit of a Choleric personality mix, then you have a very strong perfectionist. If you are not one, you might have a hard time living with this person. If you are one, you might have a hard time living with them, too. They are very strong in how they believe the world should be run. Details are very important to them. They say;

"The paper towels should be hung this way!"

"The toothpaste should be squeezed this way!"

"Hang the clothes this way! Fold my underwear this way!"

Little things are a big deal to a Melancholy ... a Sanguine or a Phlegmatic would never notice such things.

Melancholy's get perfect scores on papers, they turn in their work early, and you can eat off the floor of their bedroom. They like things done right. They can also be little like an Eyeore sometimes. They worry about things and look on the negative side of life. They can easily adopt a "woe is me" attitude, and predict negative outcomes long before life happens.

They have a very good eye for organization. They can easily toss things they don't need even if you just gave it to them as a gift five minutes ago.

Many would call the Melancholy the perfect child. It probably depends on your personality type. If you are a Phlegmatic, you and your child are going to clash ... or vice-versa.

Knowing these personality types has been very helpful in raising our family. This is a very brief description. I would encourage you to study more about it. Knowing the different styles can help in a marriage (our spouse is usually our opposite), raising children, they even use it to train employees in large corporations.It helps you know the things you can and cannot change about someone.

I was struggling with the personality of someone long ago, and my husband so wisely said to me, "You can't change who they are! And you are trying to!"

We can't change who our children are, but we can help them be the very best they can be. We need every character in the Pooh Bear stories to make life work at its best. What if everyone were a Phlegmatic? Necessary things would not get done!

How about a Sanguine? Life isn't all fun and games! We would never have order!

A Melancholy? We would all be carrying umbrellas every day, expecting rain. With a "be sure to take your shoes off at the door" on our lips.

Or Choleric? There would be a lot more wars, I think. Everyone can't be in charge, but someone needs to be.

The perfect person would be the one who has, over time, developed a little of all of these traits. It can be done, but there will always be that one basic one that is your greatest, most natural strength.

Blessings from Pooh Corner!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

In Five Days

In five days our youngest son will be handed his high school diploma.
I expect his momma is going to cry ... or maybe she has already cried enough.
Here I am writing about him and he just told me last night that he doesn't like it when I write about him. Hmmm, please don't tell!

I cannot begin to tell you how much I respect the young man my son has become.

Can I share just a few things that I love about him?

He is honest. I don't ever remember him telling a lie.

He is solid. I can depend on him to stand strong in his beliefs. He is not easily swayed by the opinions of others.

I have always been able to trust him.

He is devoted to his family and friends.

He is peaceful. He carries a peace about him at all times. It is in his nature. He avoids conflict and most of the time holds his tongue.

He has his priorities right. He has put life into an amazing perspective. I respect him for it.

He is tenderhearted and loving. He is so strong physically, but the greatest strength I see in him is gentleness. I love to see that strength displayed in a man.

He has been a delight to raise. I am proud to call him my son.

In just a few days, he will be handed his high school diploma.

I will rejoice with a magnanimous smile and tears.

Way to go, Josiah!!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Lessons That I Learned From a Dead Snake

Are you still with me?

I want you to know that I am talking about a dead snake though I realize that in the picture he appears to be very much alive. And that my friends is the bottom line for this post.

Josiah killed the snake on our farm. My son, the great white hunter had to display his kill, proving his triumph over the beast! I refused to mount it. Actually, he knew better than to ask!

I went out to look hoping that it wasn't a copper head or rattler (I have heard that out in masses this year). It wasn't. It was the "good" kind of snake that eats rats and mice.

The snake was dead. I could see the bullet wound. Evidence, half a head, a real gonner.

The snake's body was on the move as if he was alive, though. It coiled, straightened, twisted , rolled, turned, and looked as if it was very much alive. It was obviously dead, but if I was walking up to the patio without knowing the obvious, I surely would have screamed! It was a creepy sight!

There are several analogies that I have come up with since the body of the snake finally relaxed.

My first analogy:
Satan appears to have life in him sometimes. He disguises himself to appear as if he is the genuine lifegiver. I have fallen for his ploy at times. I can honestly share from experience ... there is no life in him ... none at all! Discernment needed!

People can walk around and appear to have life in them, going through the motions, pushing through their days, but they are completely depleted. Either they have never been attached to the lifegiving source (Jesus, John 15) or they have been but have pulled away. Where is the life? Motions are not evidence that we have it. Discernment needed!

Cholo, the dog walked right over the dead body without even wincing. Had he ever seen a snake before? I watched him to see what his reaction would be. Nothing. The snake's body might have well as been a rubber hose. Cholo had absolutely no fear! Perhaps he knew it for what it was ... a harmless, dead snake. Who has to fear that?
Discernment needed!

One of Josiah's friends, who just happens to be a girl, came over that night. The snake was no longer moving, but he still looked like a snake. Josiah had to show off his prey to her. He went out the door first to get the snake, evidence of his amazing hunting skills. Emily opened the door to follow him, saw the snake and ran back in the house screaming! I assured her that it was a dead snake ... a very dead snake, a fact that she cared nothing about. She was not going out there where that snake was! "He knows that I hate snakes!" The tests in friendship!
I opened the door and led the way for her, protecting her from a dead snake! Do you need me to protect you from snakes? Please make sure that they are dead first!

Emily was afraid of something that was no longer a threat to her. Does this make you think of the devil again? James says that the devil prowls and seeks someone to devour, warning, "resist the devil and he will flee from you!" If we resist him is he dangerous to us? Hmmmm! He sure would like to be! Greater is he that is in you than he who is in the world! Once again, discernment needed!

I think the key to this analogy is to keep Jesus right in front of us and follow His footsteps so that the "snakes" in our lives remain powerless!

Josiah was intent on defeating the snake. Are we always intent on defeating, Satan, the serpent that would threaten to be in our lives? He can only defeat us if we allow him to. Do we welcome him, befriending our enemy? Or perhaps we are afraid of him. FEAR is:


We don't have to be afraid of him. That gives him power, does it not?
It would be awesome if there were more like fearless Josiah in the kingdom.

We must be aware that we have an enemy. He is real. He appears alive. He has no life to offer us! We can resist him. We do not have to be afraid of him. Jesus has defeated him. We need discernment. Just because we don't like snakes doesn't mean they just go away. The Lord has given us authority over them.

Do you have any snakes to be killed? The real creepy, crawly things? I will send the great white hunter your way!

How about the spiritual kind? May I suggest, get out your Sword (the Word) and aim for the head. He might twist about awhile, appearing like he still has power ... nah! No worries! The Sword works!

Thanks for sticking with me on this one!

**** Josiah's friend's name has been changed. I am still in protector mode.****

Monday, May 3, 2010


I am the appointed cook in the family and I have not been cooking much lately.

I like to cook ... sometimes ... but not all the time.

It has been a busy time and I have had many reasons for not cooking.

Last weekend I had a garage sale. That was the last reason that I wasn't cooking. It takes so many hours to dig out stuff, price, and place items in a garage sale. I know, I should have cooked, too. Proverbs 31 lady would have ... for sure!!!

I am married to a man who does not cook ... not even a steak on the grill! That is not fair, mind you! He won't hardly eat if I am not here to put the food on his plate and carry it to the table, setting it right in front of him.

I've lived with him a long time, and I have taught him that this is okay. I am really okay with it when I am here. The problem is that when I am away, he will not eat and then he blames me for his lack of nutrition.

I am going to be gone for several days. He is going to need to feed himself. I really think my little break in cooking could save his life.

Two nights ago, he made himself some eggs. I went to Sonic.

Last night he chopped some garbanzo beans, used all the honey mustard we had in the fridge, and mixed all that together with a lot of sauerkraut. He put the mixture on toast and topped it with two eggs and dill pickles.

I was soooo proud of him. However, I didn't let him make me any or give me a bite! He thought it was so good that he made himself seconds. I still passed on his offer to share.

I think he might survive the days when I am out of town. Maybe, guess it depends on what he mixes up!

We always bless the food! It is a very important part of eating. Blessed food is best, especially if it is Scotty food or Sonic!

" ... And He took the five loaves and two fish, and looking up into heaven, He blessed and broke and gave the loaves to the disciples; and the disciples gave to the multitudes." Matthew 14:19b