Saturday, February 1, 2014

We met for coffee, doughnuts, and girltalk. It is a favorite passtime and one that does not occur nearly enough. "For your birthday," she says. 

I open the card, sweetness and smiles.

I peek in the giftbag. A very unusual punch bowl with lid is inside. It is filled with colorful hearts. Red and yellow parchment with words that empower written on every one of them. It was the year I turned 50, my year of Jubilee, so not too long ago. Fifty heartfelt messages filled the bowl. 

She told me that she prayerfully considered her words. 

I did not get to keep the punch bowl when we left Kansas, but I did tuck these little heart shaped notes in a drawer for safekeeping. I gave the punch bowl back to her . . . empty. Hmmm, maybe I will cut out some little heart shapes and send them by post.

"I can call you for prayer," one little red heart says. 

I can call her for prayer, too. "SOS! Please pray!" My dearest friends know the code I use for help. Whatever would I do without these dear people?

I share this gift idea because Valentine's Day is coming soon. Would you like to bless someone you love? Perhaps you can be creative coming up with your number . . . "we've shared ______ Valentine celebrations together" or something like that. 

Everyone should have a friend like Christina! "I just wanted to hear your voice," she says when she calls. Smiles.

I hope you have a very warm and happy February, filled with fun and thoughtful friends.