Thursday, January 8, 2009


I am experiencing a brainstorm. 
It is not a typical brainstorm. It is rather unusual. 
I am not putting one thought together with another creatively crafting some marvel
for someone to enjoy. I am just having a storm in my brain. Clouds have gathered and
thunder and lighting are manifesting their threats and I am waiting for the cloud to burst.
It is not that I am unhappy. I feel joy.......a rush explodes in my heart as I write the words..... its just that there are some things to be dealt I bow, I wait.........He comes...........He whispers sweet nothings.........I hear Him speak to the storm, "Be still" He commands and the thunder and lightening quiet themselves at His rebuke........A calm settles upon rescuer has strong hiding place. 
I am safe.
I rest.
We talk. I hear myself unloading the fury of my mind. He listens. He nods. He waits.
I finish, my head near His heart. He tenderly holds my hurts in His hands and deposits them in a treasure chest. He carries it away, out of sight, away..........beyond my reach.
I am safe. 
I rest.
I am restored. 
My friend, Jesus has come to listen and to comfort. 
I lift my eyes. My mind is clear. I see a rainbow. Beautiful promises have sprung up like the beautiful flowers of spring. Some of the promises are not new........I have just been reminded of them.
I am ready to go now. 
This day will be a blessing..........My rescuer will be pleased..........
I hope that as He watches the day go by, what He sees will make Him dance..........and I will have the courage to join Him.......



Laura said...

Hello, friend.

I have missed you! I'm so glad your back, storms and all. This is such a lovely description of your time with Him. What an intimate picture you paint. Yes, he is the Rescuer. The only One who can calm the storm.

So beautiful, Cheri.

Joyful said...

Praying you did dance with Him today Cheri.

Love, prayers and hugs,

Shala said...

You have blessed me today. I love you.