Monday, October 19, 2009

Does Your Face Know You Are Saved?

"Divine joy is the privilege of all consecrated believers ... The world must see the light of heaven in our faces if it would believe in the reality of our religion." A. W. Tozer

I have one of those tell all faces! My countenance has a habit of giving away all of my secrets, good and bad. 

Circumstances can so easily chart the course of my facial expression. 

Just wondering if anyone has ever seen Divine joy on my face? 

Or have I successfully tucked it away?

The world is drawn to joy, genuine joy.

The world hungers for its strength. It wonders if it is available. How can it be obtained?

Joy is reflected when we are full of His Word ... Jesus shines.

Joy is reflected when we are resting ... knowing that He is watching over what concerns us. 

Joy is reflected when we believe ... that He is God and nothing is too difficult for Him. 

Joy is reflected and perfected ... when we suffer and yet we have peace that passes all understanding. 

Joy is reflected when we obey ... forgiving those who hurt us, giving to those who need us, serving those around us, waiting at His feet for instructions. 

Joy is a testimony of His greatness in us, evidence of His presence. 

Praying today for a countenance that is a reflection of my faith in Jesus.

A countenance that will not reflect my circumstances but will reflect my faith ... with JOY!

What a "privilege", as Tozer declares, to have "heaven's light on our faces"!

Let's shine for Him, my friend!


Pictured above is my son, Caleb, on his wedding day. The joy of Jesus is consistently evident on Caleb's countenance. 


Paula (SweetPea) said...

I must be brutally honest and say when I saw your blog title on my blog sidebar, I resoundly said "no". No my face doesn't show my salvation, the source of my life. I cannot see joy in me...yet, I can see some of the things that you described as being joy. But those seem to be just inner things that don't make their way out of my mind, body, spirit, FACE, countenance.

I miss ya, girlfriend.

Laura said...

I have, Cheri. Your face exudes the Joy of the Lord.

And the Kind is enthralled by your beauty.

Joyful said...

Praying Joy will be so much more than a name. Longing that His presence and delight is reflected in me.

I see Jesus in you,

Teresa said...

You always have a word for me Cheri... just the other day I was driving to work feeling down for no reason really...and the Spirit spoke to my heart that my joy is in the Lord.. not my circumstances, my emotions, or this world... thank you for confirming that to me.
Miss you.