Friday, December 4, 2009

Wasn't Going to Tell

It began with a burden. It seems that everywhere I go I am running into women who are in desperate situations! They are the victims of unfixable problems. I have some who pour out their hearts to me. I listen. I don't have answers. I don't have ten or twelve steps to offer. But I do understand!

I have been there! I have been in seasons where the hurt was more overwhelming than I thought I could bare. It took my breath, it wrenched my gut, it threatened my faith, my hope and my trust. It shook me to the core.

They were seasons.

They have passed. 

Some seasons were long.

Others brief.

All painful.

I am still here to tell about it. 

The Lord was there for me. Sometimes it appeared that He was the only one, but He was faithful. 

Now I want to encourage others who are in a season of pain. I want to stir hope in hearts and minister to inner wounds, applying salve to the soul. 

I want to help my sisters to continue on this marathon of faith so that we can all make it to the finish line. 

I prayed. 

The Lord had an idea, opening  a way that I can possibly help.

I am starting another blog for women who are in pain, or who are praying through a difficult situation, or who need a word of encouragement once in a while. 

It is a work in progress and I wasn't going to tell about it until I had it all complete, so it is under construction, but perhaps someone needs a good word today. 

The name of my new blog is Threadbare ... hope for women who feel they are hanging on by a thread. The url is

I will continue writing on my blog Seven Branches. Threadbare will be a very specific blog.

Do you know someone who is hurting that might benefit from some encouragement? Would you send them over to check out by new blog? Perhaps they will find a respite there. 

My love to you sweet ones!



Laura said...

This is a hard lesson. It's easier to give up than hang on in the midst of a trying season. Your words strike a chord with me. I've been there too, Cheri. There were seasons when trusting Him was all that got me through.

Bless you for encouraging others to see it through.

Love you, lady! I hope your first week of Advent has been sweet.


Paula (SweetPea) said...

That'd be me...still. I always think of me hanging on by my fingernails but a thread would probably be more realistic.