Thursday, March 4, 2010


Luke did not even know that I was out of town. He was at his college home. I had decided to go with my friend at the midnight hour which barely left me time to pack much less notify my next of kin that I would be gone for a couple of days.

Regardless, a wandering thought had entered his mind the night before ...

"Mom, is going to call me from an antique store and is going to say something about an accordion."

Next morning the wandering thought repeated itself.

Hmmmm ...

I did not know this.

So back to the antique store next to the Lemon Drop Tea Room that I spoke of in my last post the other day, to that part of the story where I left you hanging ...

They was a child's accordion for sale. It was an antique, in a case, in good condition ... very cool. Renee' and I were completely intrigued with it.

Luke inherited my great aunt's accordion a few years ago. Luke loves music ... he picks up an instrument of any kind and within a measure of time is making melodies with it. He is gifted from God!

I pictured his future child playing this instrument, making harmony with their big daddy, Luke someday.

It was a bit on the pricey side and I wasn't positive that he would like it. I was about to make the purchase when I completely chickened out ... "Wait, would you let me call my son first?"

"Sure" ... the cashier was hoping that Luke was up for the deal.

I got him on the first try! Miracle!

"Luke, I am in an antique store and they have a child's accordion here, would you ..."

He breaks in, "I knew you were going to call me about this."

I say, "WHAT????" so that everyone in the store turns and looks to see what I am up to.

"I knew you were going to call me from an antique store about an accordion today. I didn't have a dream, I just had that thought before I went to bed and then again when I woke up this morning."

I stood staring in the face of the cashier stunned. She couldn't wait to discover the reason for my shock.

"Luke, I don't know if you will like the accordion or not, but because of what you are telling me, I am going to buy it."

Luke and I were in harmony.

The lady taking my money was a little uncomfortable with my story. I was too amazed to care.

Pictured above is the little accordion on my new chair.

Actually the base part does not work ... but perhaps can be fixed.

Luke was not into my vision so much ... the one about a little he/she making harmony with their big daddy, Luke. He's just not thinking about that right now. He thought a little niece or nephew might be okay to teach. Guess we need to hope for him to have another wandering thought that will bring about more harmony ...


Ana Carolina said...

Cheri, I loved it! I guess that store is kinda magic, right? I'm completly shocked...About Luke, well, I guess we're SO lucky having him around...
Love, Carol.

Joyful said...

With a smile on my face, I just say 'thank you'.

Sending love and hugs,

Laura said...

I just love when we are given little gifts of confirmation like that.

Jubilee coming up, huh? When can we celebrate?? I have my dancing shoes on...Maybe Luke will play the accordian.

:)Love you, Cheri!

myletterstoemily said...

what a precious story of the Lord's
care for seemingly insignificant

i have similar accounts of sweet
ones too.

He is so wonderful.


Anonymous said...

若對自己誠實,日積月累,就無法對別人不忠了。 ..................................................

Kandace Rather said...

I love this one, Cheri. The lady who took your money was able to see Jesus in action. It was all in God's plan that she witnessed what He was doing. I love it when God does that. Many times we are unaware of the bigger picture going on. :-) Love you!