Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Planning and Packing

Do you like to pack? I do not like to pack! 
Goodbye! Goodbye!

I never have liked to pack! I try not to get overwhelmed but I usually succumb to anxiety and have a meltdown before everything is loaded up and we are on the way to wherever! Better planning helped me this time around.

Do you like to plan? I do not like to plan! 
Goodbye! Goodbye!!!

(Are you familiar with Dr. Seus book with similar phrases?)

However, I LOVE to travel!!! And I live with a guy who plans everything! So......

Scotty and I hashed and rehashed plans for our trip out west several times before we finalized our destinations.

Our son, Luke, works for Comfort Suites and was able to help us with some lodging. Thank you, Luke and Comfort Suites! We really enjoyed our stays with them!

There were a few things that I purchased for our journey:

~Scotty a new hat! He was pictured in it yesterday. What do you think? Hats for men are really "in". My boys love them! My honey wasn't sure about this one. He thought it made him look old! NEVER!!! I thought he looked great!

~I bought two new straw hats from Wal-Mart for me. It is best to wear a hat when the top is down. We are at the age when hair can disappear and never come back so a good hat is a must!

~I purchased some sundresses. I wore a sundress over the 4th of July and Scotty really liked it, so I bought some on sale to wear on the trip.........just for him. (Modest of course!)

~New sandals for both of us. He always wore his with socks! : )

~Two new pair of khaki shorts for Scotty. He never wears them at home, however they proved to be another great investment!

~A new camera.

We packed one change of winter clothing and our winter coats just in case. We were really glad to have them one night.

The trunk of the Nissan could barely be latched. We prepared well. Scotty smiled as he thought of my limitations for shopping. Don't think he had considered shipping! 

Our first day was spent with the top up as we headed across the very hot Kansas prairie. The temperatures exceeded 100 that entire day. It was beautiful! I have heard a lot of people that they don't like the Kansas prairie, however it has it's own beauty. I absorbed the wonder of it as we passed by on our way to unexplored regions. 

Food, we had decided, would be part of our adventure. We would explore our options choosing spots that were unknown to us. Our first night we had prime rib, complete with soup and salad bar for $9 each! The price sent Scotty into unbelief mode. Suddenly I was gripped with fear that every meal we ate would be compared to this amazing bargain. He didn't mention it every time but a few times he could not resist!!!

We found the welcome mat out as we entered the Comfort Inn in Pueblo, CO for a nights stay. 

Oh, what a day! We were on our way!!! We had really escaped the home-front!


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Teresa said...

Welcome home Cheri!! And I can't wait to hear more!!