Monday, August 31, 2009


Scotty serenades me with love songs from the 70's, with sweet, tender, sometimes quirky words that he confirms by the sincere look in his eye and the tender stroke of his hand. We feel like teenagers on our first date, falling back into first love.  He has learned to be romantic over time, I have learned to bask in these moments.

One of my favorites songs, on his continual loop of oldies is:

"You stepped out of my dreams and into my heart, now your my angel delight. Your sixteen, your beautiful, and your mine....."

I pretend it is true! All true!

We are leaving the majestic state of Colorado. We have explored to our heart's content. We have thoroughly enjoyed our stay here. I am torn with the leaving. Emotions grip my heart similar to the ones I feel while embracing a loved one, who lives far from us, when we have to part for an extended time. I feel the pull of wanting to stay but needing to go. We say farewell to Colorado and look forward in expectation. 

 Welcome to Utah! My preconceived ideas about this state are put to shame within miles of driving over its border. I had visited part of Utah years ago, leaving without a very good impression. Barren roads, stretching for miles did concern me at times. We were alone, really alone for miles. "What ifs" rolled around in my mind until I commanded them to lie down and be still. Every now and again we would happen upon a beautiful city but there always seemed to be long stretches of barren highway between them. 

We finally reached Park City, our first Utah destination. Mountains groomed for skiing and gorgeous lakes, ideal for boating and fishing, surround this little community like grand villas of a nature. Movie stars are attracted to this oasis in the dessert like bees are to flowers. Scotty anticipated bringing me here, knowing I would love it.  

Quaint, upscale buildings line the twisty, curvy town that is nestled on the side of a steep hill. Up the narrow streets or down the narrow streets were our only options. Literally. Finally we found a place to park and began to wander.

We entered very few shops, though there were many, all beckoning us to stop in for a short visit. As quaint and as cute as this city was, though, something about it was unsettling. The beauty of the lakes and the mountains could have lured me into staying, but this town had not been tamed. Lingering here would be like riding an unbroken stallion. We were a bit uncomfortable and soon ready to leave. 

Psalm 119:110-111 "The wicked have laid a snare for me, yet I have not strayed from Your precepts. Your testimonies I have taken as a heritage forever. For they are the rejoicing of my heart ... "

Our brisk pace down the sidewalk was halted with a moment of serendipity. Scanlan~Windows to the World was the name of the gallery that was responsible for our abrupt halt. The storefront was plain, the shingle simple, but something about this place said "welcome". Scotty followed me in the open doorway and soon we were caught up with awe over some of the most beautiful photography we had ever seen in our lives. Framed masterpieces lined the walls, massive photos that took us on a world tour. I would have loved to have brought one home, but I would never be able to make a decision, choosing a favorite, a must have. Would I pick a photo taken in England, France, Greece, Italy, Spain ... ? I loved them all! So I left them all behind ...

I had to make a purchase in this amazing place. I wanted to remember this stop. My purchase was small and would easily fit into my car, two boxes of gift cards with some of the photos on them. The cards are breathtakingly beautiful, therefore my heart continues to wrestle with wanting to share and wanting to keep. 

If you enjoy beautiful photography, you should definitely visit their website. It is not the same as being there, but you will not be disappointed either.  Address: Please tell them I sent you! I perused the gallery so long that I am sure they will remember me! Please don't tell me if they respond with, "who?". Please let me know your thoughts!

The sun was beginning to set and we had not finished our journey for the day. Back in the car, we headed on to new highways. I was whispering thank you prayers as we were winding our way through the passes, heading for for Salt Lake City. 


Thank you for a sweet husband that sings love songs to me ...

Thank you for beautiful scenery that seems to bring healing to my soul ...

Thank you for photography that has captured the beauties and wonders of the world ...

Most of all, thank you for making me Your daughter, filling me with Your abundant life!

My heart beats with gratefulness!"

We found the Comfort Inn and  then made a quick run to the biggest Wal-Mart I have ever been to in my life. It was so big that there was a double decker parking lot. We parked on the top level, found the entrance and had to take an escalator down to get to the store. When leaving, you take the escalator and your cart rides beside you on it's own escalator. Okay, I am a country girl and this was all new to me! We did not hang out very long, within minutes we were up the escalator, back in the car, and on our way "home"  for the night at the Comfort Inn. 

We turned in early. It had been a long, wonderful day. Scotty drifted off to sleep first, but his little tune refused to be quieted. It perpetually serenaded my thoughts, gently humming, finally lulling me to sleep. 

Thank you for riding along!

Pictures taken in Salt Lake City, Utah. My contribution to Windows to the World!

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Mom and Loving It! said...

Hi my She Speaks friend! I enjoyed reading about your travels. Wish I'd been with you to see the pictures. Photography is such a gift! I look forward to getting to know you and the other ladies in our writers critique better.