Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Searching For Favorites

The sun is slipping away, we are reflecting, "What was your favorite today?" 

We search our thoughts remembering:  

waterfalls, a violin recital in the park (we were uninvited guests), museum featuring Titanic memorabilia, restaurant with alligator tail sandwiches (in Idaho?), jazz band accompanying  a couple dancing resembling The Notebook characters Noah and Allie, serene river walk around the park in Idaho Falls, 

and try to decide on the one event from the day that is our favorite. 

He shares first, "The little cafe in Malad City, 
Idaho was my favorite!" 

"Really?" his answer surprises me. 

Malad City is a little tiny town that boasts of a museum on road signs along the highway. I plead to stop. 

We have a lot of miles to cover. Do I think it will be worth it? 

"I don't know, but I just want to explore ... " I respond to the Practical side of us. 

 I was thrilled when he took the risk,  driving off the highway, onto the ramp, and into the town of Malad!

It took all of five minutes to scope out the town. The museum, small, abandoned for the day, made us question the embellished road signs that caused us to drift into town. We did not feel let down that we missed it. We crept down the main drag looking for something that would make this detour worth our while. 

"Are you hungry?" 

"Is the sky blue? Is the grass green?"

Every time he inquires my stomach growls! He hears and smiles!

 Where to eat? Little cafes, barbecue stands, at least two or three, provide options.

 "Eenie, meenie, minie, moe ... this one or that one?" Hmmmm ...

The Dude Ranch Cafe on Main Street draws us in. 

We step out of our now and back our past as we step over the threshold of the little cafe. Faces stare, stricken with the wonder of where we came from. They are all unfamiliar to us, yet strangely resemble folk we knew in childhood days. 

We are aliens here. A mystery.

We both grew up in Small Town, USA, so we recognize the wonder that we have stirred .  

We discern their thoughts as we smile toward their stares. 

"Wonder where they're from?" 

"Are they new to town?"

"Wonder if they have a church home?"

"Do you know, is that the new couple that bought the Miller's place?"

Beef tenderloin, mashed tators, and green beans are the special for the day tasting like the ones once served in grandma's kitchen. I catch a glimpse of a piece of pie that is delivered to the booth across from me.

"Do you wanta share a piece of pie with me?" he asks.

"Is the sky blue? Is the grass green?"

Intuitively the waitress knows we have a story. She lingers hoping we will share our adventure. Before she is ready, duty calls her away, leaving most of our story untold. 

Our forks tangle as we savor the best coconut cream pie available in the state of Idaho as the cafe echos with chatter.

We leave the little village knowing we are a mystery to this community. They will be talking about us for awhile, until more new faces are lured into town by pretentious museum signs. 

"Why was that your favorite, Babe?"

"Because it felt like home," he speaks gentle words laced in reflection. 

I agree.

"What was your favorite today?" he turns to search my heart with tender eyes.

"Being with you! I just love getting to be with you! That is my favorite!"

We head for the Comfort Inn when the sun sets and ease into another night of slumber.

Tomorrow we will head for Yellowstone National Park. With every mile our love for adventure and our love for each other deepens!

Tonight we sleep in Idaho Falls, Idaho, where the sky is blue, the grass green.  

Nitey, nite!


Pictured: The Mormon Tabernacle, Salt Lake City, Utah. ( Just passing through and checking it out.) ~ Violin recital in the Park at Idaho Falls, Idaho. (I loved this!)  

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Daveda said...

Sounds like you are having a wonderful time! Thanks for sharing it :)