Thursday, September 3, 2009

Top Of The World/Double Rainbows

We pack our things, once again preparing to leave the Comfort Inn.  Steam rises from the cup of coffee as I make my way to the car. My chariot awaits. Once again I spy prince charming in the parking lot coercing our trunk to shut.  

We leave the city of West Yellowstone, Montana. The morning air is brisk hinting that fall is on its way. 

We could spend a week here and never tire of the majesty of Yellowstone. We could live a lifetime here and never exhaust its surprises! 

A fly fisherman wades through the creek that weaves its way to the left of us. He gracefully casts his rod expecting a catch. He is not the first we have seen, there have been many, but I am caught up in the beauty of his sport. Wonder if I could do that? I realize my limitations ... I do not have the grace for it. So,  I remain an admirer, a star-struck observer, completely absorbed in the performance. 

Buffalo block our way, more concerned about breakfast than our presence. We stop, Scotty takes pictures. I ease my way back to the car. I know they are not really looking at me, oblivious to my presence, but they are intimidating. I watch from inside the chariot. 

We move on.

Our drive takes us past the boiling puddles, springs, and ponds. Rising steam forms clouds that embrace the ground. We are enchanted by its beauty. Wildflowers lace the edges, smiling while enjoying their morning sauna. 
Animals peep out here and there. A bald eagle swoops down to the creek delighted to find his breakfast. We are like children at the zoo, thrilled with all that we see. 

We leave the park and head to Highway 212 which will take us to The Top Of The World. Scotty begins a new song:

"I'm on the top of the world, looking down on creation, and the only explanation I can find, is the love that I've found, ever since you been around, your love puts me at the top of the world."

Snow remains in the crevices of the mountains. We stop the car, he makes a snowball bringing it to me.

Do you feel closer to God in the mountains? 

Do they make Him seem more believable to you? 

"As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the Lord surrounds His people from this time forth and forever." Psalm 125:2

I stand on the precipice meditating on that verse. 

The Lord is surrounding me, embracing this moment of time, protecting, fathering, loving, caressing. 

Our hearts reach for more of Him. We have been inspired. We bask in His presence listening in the silence for His whisper. 

Tourists come disturbing our pause. We climb aboard our chariot, prince charming at the wheel and Miss Daisy with my floppy hat blowing in the wind, we continue our ride at the top of the world. 

The Top Of The World connects Yellowstone Park to the city of Red Lodge like a dot to dot color book. We stop. We explore. We eat at an Irish Pub. A grandma with two cherubs sharing her table sits behind us. 

We savor the pub's entrees. Everyone in town seems to favor this place. It overflows with local folk filling up on the noon hour. 

We linger a bit in the village then head on our way. Our next dot to reach is Billings, MT then on to Wyoming. 

We stop at the Battle sight of Custer's Last Stand. The Custer's romance intrigues me. I purchase Mrs. Custers book. He died when he was 34, leaving her behind, a 32 year old widow. She lived a very long life never remarrying. She was loyal to her husband to the end of her days refusing to go on even one date. They had a deep love with staying power. 

Storms in the mountains can be fierce. It compels us to stop and wait for the rain to calm before we continue on our way. The sun begins to shine, a few sprinkles dance in its glow. A double rainbow with vibrant hues like fire pierces the sky. We pull over enjoying the spectacular show. 

Tradition reminds me to ask for a double portion of the Lord's blessing on our lives. Double rainbows have inspired this tradition.  I breathe amen and we head on our way to the Comfort Inn in Buffalo, Wyoming for the night. 

We come upon a terrible wreck. Minivan upside down, burned. Firemen, policemen cleaning the road.  I praise the Lord for the unexpected stops we have made. Stops for rain ... stops for rainbows.  Did they prevent us from being involved in this tragedy? We are sobered by the sight. 

We find the hotel cloaked in a beautiful Wyoming sunset, check in and head to our room. We are quite weary. We turn in calling it a day!

Until tomorrow!

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Laura said...

Oh, Cheri. I have been so blessed by sharing in your travels. Thank you for this gift.

And I am grateful for your safety, praying for those involved in that accident you came upon.

Sending hugs,