Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mesa Falls, Idaho/ Yellowstone National Park

I am speechless!

My words will be few! The power and beauty displayed here bring words to mind like, awe, majestic, exquisite, pristine, and turbulent. Yet they pitifully fail to describe it.  The awe of the places we explore literally  stirs the fear of the Lord in my heart. 

Pictured above: Mesa Falls (near Ashton, Idaho) and Snake River that it falls into (above). It is truly one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen! You can feel the spray as the water pours over the falls. Photos fail to portray the glory  of it. It is one of my very favorite places in the world!

 I wish you could hear the sound! It drops over one million gallons of water each day into the Snake  River creating quite a roar! A bald eagle soared over the waters while we gazed. 

A scenic drive will lead you to this incredibly breathtaking location.

Above: I am standing in front of steam rising from the craters in the earth's crust. Below: Yellowstone wonders! The erupting  geyser is called the Beehive Geyser. It is bigger and erupts longer than Old Faithful which we were waiting for. The guide said that the Beehive only goes off every 15 to 22 hours. Old Faithful followed its eruption within about 3 minutes. It goes off about every hour depending on the day. 

The Lord led us to this marvelous sight with impeccable timing. We so easily could have missed the Beehive eruption. It was the blessing of a double portion. I am still celebrating it!

Pictures from Yellowstone below:
Tower Falls, Melting Paint Pots (very, very hot), Beehive Geyser, buffalo (Scotty took this picture. Our car was in the middle of their herd.),  and The Kepler Cascades.

Scripture says that creation speaks of our God so that we are without excuse! His fingerprints are visible here. 

For now~

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Laura said...

OOOOH! Someday I will make it out there. What gorgeous pictures!

I received my cd yesterday and listened to it this morning as I folded clothes.

What a blessing! What blessed me most was picturing you in the audience listening. I think I heard you clap!

The Lord has been speaking to me about the very issue Jennifer addressed: too much focus on me! It was no accident that this is the message you chose to send me. I needed to hear it, and it confirmed that i need to make some changes.

Thank you again, Cheri, for being so sweet to think of me. I still wish I had been there, but the cd was a good consolation prize!