Monday, November 2, 2009

The Eyes of the Younger

She put the card in my lap as I sat visiting with her big sister. I peered through the envelope's veneer spying tiny little words forming long sentences on the card beneath. I longed to see the message. Had I hurt her feelings? Was she thanking me for something? Or was it just, "I am thinking of you" kind of card?

Sunday lunch had ended and the room was filled with the buzz of cheerful chatter. Everyone was involved in conversation, some listening, some voicing their opinions, others holding their peace until given the floor. It was truly fellowship at its finest! 

Rachel (big sister) had been on a mission trip to India. Her grandma and I looked over the picture book she had made as she shared stories ... life changing stories ... the kind that make you cry. I am still reflecting on it. Her testimony left an imprint on my heart and I am still tracing it's borders with my finger. What if I had been with her? Could I have handled it as well as she? Echos of these thoughts continue to challenge me. 

Afternoon was waning as it beckoned the evening. Time to head for home.

Goodbye kisses were given all around. 

Scotty and I head for the truck, I with unopened card still in my hand. 

I rip the seal before we exit the long driveway. 

Lydia is twelve. Her card tells me that she has been watching my life. She feels that I am one who has been an example. She mentions Proverbs 31 and quotes a verse she feels describes me. I read the words to Scotty. He smiles. 

I am humbled and quiet the rest of the drive home. This sweet, thoughtful card has reawakened my responsibility to be a good example for those who are following. There are those who are learning from my walk with Jesus, making decisions based on my example, for good or for bad.

I will keep the little card that has made a big impact on my heart and refer back to it from time to time. There are seasons when its message will be encouragement to help me persevere. There are seasons, like the one I am in now, when its message will humble me, bringing me to my knees, pleading for grace to walk this life out, light shining, grace speaking, love giving, hope offering, and forgiveness mending life. I will need her words again to remind me.

This morning, I find a place to bow, and wait for the Lord to make her words true in me for today. The eyes of the younger are watching, I pray that they will see Jesus!



Paula (SweetPea) said...

That's beautiful, Cheri. I would take that as a message from the Almighty One who simply used this young girl.

Keep up the good work for Him.

Sweet blessings.

Joyful said...

Cheri, this has spoken to my heart tonight.

You wrote of our "responsibility to be a good example for those who are following. There are those who are learning from my walk with Jesus..."

I just finished posting on my blog "Following Afar". Feeling like I'm a distant disciple right now. Needing to draw closer...not just for me, but for those who are watching my walk.

Draw me nearer,