Friday, November 13, 2009

Mixed Feelings

My son is on his honeymoon.

She lingers at her son's side anticipating his final breath. 

Final words whispered, heart to heart, mom to son. 

She draws the cover around him, tucking in feisty edges.

She hovers, wiping his brow, giving through her pain, longing to wake up from the nightmare.

My son's best friend is going ahead. They walked hand and hand, pilgrims in their generation, proclaiming a message of hope. Hope tested. Hope soon confirmed. 

Friend of the bridegroom could not attend the wedding. Wasn't able to stand by his side joining the celebration. His fiance sat among the witnesses. 

My son is on his honeymoon .... Her son awaits his final breath ....



Joyful said...

Cheri...this speaks so deeply to my heart. Just this past Tuesday I wrote the following on my blog:

"Just today I've received messages from two moms. Both were chosen. One to walk a path of happiness, the other a path of heartache. One to walk a road of miracles, the other a road of mourning. One was chosen for a path of healing, the other heaven. One son returned. One son taken."

The "why's" on both side appear. Why me? Why must we endure this pain? Why me? Why am I so blessed?

I'm reminded that all our days were ordained for us before one of them came to be. Our story written years ago. Some an easier read then others, but all written by the Master's Hand.

Feeling with you tonight,

Daveda said...

Oh Cheri, my heart aches for you all. May the Lord grant you all a Spirit of wisdom and revelation. May HIS peace surround you, and bring comfort like no other...There are no words, only I am so sorry for the loss you are facing, and I grieve with you my friend :(

Yet, Many Blessings and abundance to the the newlyweds!! May the Lord bless them beyond their highest hopes, prayers and dreams!!

Ana Carolina said...

It's interesting how ours feelings can change in a second.

I'm very very very happy for Caleb and Ashley, even though I know that see him again will be more difficult. But I'm still hoping see the couple here in Brazil!!! It'll be so amazing!!

My heart is tottaly turned in two when I heard about Brock. But on sunday I was talking to Bobbi about we should not be sad at all because this goodbye is not forever, we'll see him again, when he get strong and healthly...after God takes care of him, we'll see him again. That's confort my heart.

We should pray because "Then God's peace, which goes far beyond anything we can imagine, will guard your hearts and minds in union with the Jesus".