Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Message From Heaven

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She would take off her shoes and step into the little red rubber boots the minute she walked through the front door and into my living room.

She could not comprehend my decorating style. Who would think of putting little red boots out for decoration? She decided to put them to good use.

Occasionally I go through a decorating frenzy and move stuff around but the little red boots have remained in my front room in the same spot since the day she began to slip them on her feet.

Once the boots were on she began to sing and dance and explore every region of my house.

One day she spied the little old wooden, half red, half blue toy mailbox that Scotty used to play with when he was a child. She began to leave me pictures in the mailbox. I found that I had a self appointed pen pal. As she mastered her writing skills, my little aspiring artist left messages for me at the corners of her canvas.

Concerned that I would forget to peek in the box for mail, she would leave me a note on the kitchen table reminding me that I needed to check my box.

We had something special. She called me "My Cheri".

She was my little darling.

I love her.

The morning that she passed away, three few weeks ago today, I came home and looked in my mailbox hoping for one last letter from her. My heart sank. The box was empty.

No mail from Asya today.

No mail from Asya tomorrow.

The little red boots remain near my front door, the little mailbox rests in the corner. Both are resting, waiting for her to appear.

I wonder what she would say if she could leave me a message in my box today?

I think she would write:

My Cheri,

Don't be sad! I want you to be happy!

Be sure to smile more! Laugh heartily! Love deeply, even if it's costly! Celebrate salvation! Believe completely! Pursue eternal matters! Sing when it hurts! Dance like David did, confounding the proud! Learn all you can, but live as though there is always more to learn. Appreciate sunrises, sunsets, birds singing, and the fragrance of meadows in bloom. Don't worry about tomorrow, or other's evaluations of you, or burnt casseroles. Live like you are alive on the inside! Assure others of your deep affection for them! Encourage, exhort, and give others a pat on the back whenever you possibly can! Invest your energy wisely! Pray for souls to be saved daily! Expect to see the fingerprints of God in your life!

Oh, and I am having a very good time!

Take good carry of mommy and grammy!

I love you and

I will see you soon!

Your Asya

What do you think she might say?

My little friend, Asya Frazier, was taken home to be with "her Jesus" December 16, 2009. It was a very unexpected departure. We miss her terribly.


Laura said...

Oh, my Cheri.

This breaks my heart. I am so sorry. It's one of the questions I will ask Him one day...Why? But for now we must trust. I am praying for you and those who love her.

Susan Panzica - EternityCafe said...

What a beautiful tribute to a life well-lived. Too short, but sweet.
I'll be praying for the family, and for you.

Joyful said...

I am so sorry Cheri. While we were celebrating my Daddy's 84th birthday, December 16th, you were experiencing such grief.

Sometimes silences speak louder than words. Sending more hugs,