Monday, January 18, 2010

Silly Prayers

I felt silly praying it, but I just wanted it so.
I was in the shower, not on my knees, and this overwhelming desire for flowers came to me. I wanted flowers ... today!

Perhaps because it is January. Flowers are scarce. I don't know. I don't usually ask for the frivolous.

"Lord, please send me flowers today!"

Once the words escaped my mouth I felt shame swallow me whole.

I shouldn't be thinking like this. How selfish! But I still wanted flowers!

Really bad!

I began to force my thoughts another direction ...

Perhaps there was someone else that needed flowers today.

I prayed about it ...

"Lord, if you have someone in mind that could use some cheering up with a beautiful bouquet of flowers would you please drop their name into my heart?"

I stilled my wants and waited for a name to come to my mind.

The Lord kept His silence.

Soon it is lunchtime.

I look up as the back door opens and he enters. We smile. Scotty sets down the armload that he brought home from the office.

He returns to the door and momentarily disappears.

Within minutes he is coming through the door again with a dozen roses and a beautiful card.

Years have passed since he has brought me flowers.

I am speechless. I am so deeply touched, momentarily paralyzed by the beauty of it,

Scotty showering me with his love by giving me glorious red roses,

the Lord loving me by answering such a selfish request in such a precious way.

Happy tears begin to roll down my cheeks ...

"Scotty, I prayed for flowers today" I tell him.

The Lord caressed our hearts with His sweetness.

He had blessed our desires ...

Scotty's desire to bless ...

my desire to be blessed ...

Such a kiss from the Lord ...

So beautiful ...


Daveda said...

AWE! How awesome!!! And, I don't think having a desire for flowers is selfish at all. As a matter of fact it seems to me that the Lord gave you that desire.

Thanks for sharing, what a blessing!

Susan Panzica - EternityCafe said...

Perhaps God just wanted to confirm to you that nothing is too small for Him to be concerned about. What a testimony to you and Scotty that you are so sensitive to hearing His voice. And so obedient!

Laura said...

Hey, you!

This is a beautiful story, just like you and Scotty. You guys inspire me. And it's not even Valentines! God used your sweet husband to whisper His love to you today, Cheri.

Joyful said...


I don't know what touches me more...the relationship you have with your husband...or the relationship you have with your Lord.

Precious pray,

Grace Chaser ... said...

What a beautiful story and a delightful reminder that He loves us PERSONALLY. You brought tears to my eyes this morning, Cheri!
Hoping I see you again at "She Speaks!" this fall.