Monday, April 19, 2010

Josiah's Senior Prom

Josiah wasn't going to prom this year.

Saturday was prom. Josiah went.

Last Wednesday the flower shop called. They said,

"There is a new girl in town. Today is her second day in school. Your son, Josiah, is taking her to prom."

There was an unexpected move. She already had her red prom dress. She wasn't going to get to go. Josiah decided to take her. Last minute!

The problem, Josiah was out of town for two days ...

He was on a bus on his way to Kansas City when the flower shop called to fill me in on the details.

"What size does he wear, shoes, jacket, shirt, pants?"

I dug around in his closet and returned a call to the flower shop, hoping I had found the correct measurements.

We overnighted the tux, ordering the sizes we thought would work.

May I say, $$$$$$! Yikes!

Scotty and I left for a seminar before Josiah returned home from his trip. The tux was waiting for him, hanging in our kitchen for him to try on when he got home. All was taken care of when we left, or so I thought.

Saturday morning, I was in Springfield, MO when I got a text from Josiah, "The tux does not fit me at all!"

Prom was that night! What would you do?

I called him.

"Go to the flower shop right now and plead for help! Use those baby blue eyes of yours." (I didn't really tell him that, but I am sure they helped!)

He did go to the flower shop.

Bless, Tracie's heart! She found a tux that would fit him, as she stripped down her mannequins to fix him up.

I owe her big time!

He and Caitlyn had a great time at the prom. He looked debonair, she lovely! Josiah was the best looking guy there! My mom said so. I was out of town but the pictures reveal success.

It was a ride, friends! A wild ride. I felt like I was in a kayak on troubled, rushing water. There was grace to ride it out. We, Tracie and I,rode it out, laughing our way through the whole thing!

Thank the Lord that Josiah is of the male gender! I do not think it would have been fun at all if he had been the girl!

I don't think we will be remember what Josiah wore to prom last Saturday night. Well, I might.

Behaviors are not easily forgotten. Impressions were made last week. I will always remember Tracie's helpful attitude. She was such a blessing! She might remember me. We had a great time.

Does this verse fit at all? Just wondering. It is the verse hanging around my mind as I write this.

"Preach the Word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage .. with great patience and careful instruction." 2 Timothy 4:2

Life is an adventure!



Melanie said...

What a cutie! My sons are 11 and 15 so i'll be doing the prom thing in the not too distant future... i'm in that stage of "I can't believe how quickly they're growing up." I love all the stages! Enjoyed your blog, esp. the beautiful flowers and signs of spring...

Susan Panzica - EternityCafe said...

He looks like a movie star! And he's beautiful on the inside, too, which is far more important!

You are so right that it's a good thing it wasn't a girl in this predicament.

I just love the new blog design, by the way.

Love you,

Laura said...

Oh, Cheri. He is so handsome! I still can't believe these grown up children belong to little you who looks like a little girl herself.

I'm missing having more time to visit. But I think of you...