Monday, July 12, 2010

A Chapter

Memories surround me today

little barefoot boys running through the yard

with bouquets in hand freshly gathered from the blooming meadow.

Squishy mud between little toes from crossing creeks and catching tadpoles.

Squeals of joy as splashes of water escape the horse tank where they swim.

I feel lonely for those days.

Sometimes I want to momentarily borrow them back,days where memories were born.

To hear little voices say big things, delivering news that made me laugh ... and sometimes cry.

Innocent prayers from tiny lips that brought about answers ... God proving Himself real so that they would know Him ... forever.

"Looking back all the time will age you," they say, "look ahead now".

My looking forward seems more meaningful when I glimpse back on what we built here.

Yesterday a little maid handed me a wildflower from the blooming meadow and I pushed it behind my ear and memories were stirred from the mantle of my heart.

They linger with the new of morning.

I sit and ponder them awhile.

I enjoy.

Then I move on.


myletterstoemily said...

dear cheri,

that was profound and so true. i loved that
you responded, 'looking back helps me look

such wisdom in doing both.

a navy seal????? you must be very proud of
your son.


Kandace Rather said...

This is beautiful and I get ya! :-) Memories are precious and I love that the Lord often says, "Remember." There is PURPOSE in remembering....remembering keeps us focused on what's a hand. Love you and miss you