Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I folded the hem on the scrap of cloth just so. I folded it at least ten times before she was satisfied.

"Now make tiny stitches, like so, in and out, in and out. Here, you try."

Grandma was teaching me to sew on a 9x9 scrap of cloth that would be nothing. It wasn't even a pretty piece of cloth. What a waste, I thought.

I wanted to sew like her. I wanted to be able to look at a picture of a really cute dress, make a pattern out of paper, pin it to a favorite fabric, cut it out and sew one for myself. She thought it a great idea to teach me.

She wouldn't let me begin my sewing hobby by making a dress. I was impatient with her method of small beginnings.

My ten year old mind did not enjoy the mundane and I totally lacked the vision for where this rediculous
task might take me. As a result, I am not the gifted seamstress my grandmother was.

I would get to the end of the "hem" I was sewing on my little square of cloth then present it to the judge, the gifted one, grandma. She would examine it, much like a jeweler inspects a precious stone. The verdict was the same every time, for ten times or more.

"Okay, honey, rip it out now and do it again. Your stitches need to  . . ."

It took a lot of patience to learn from her. She was excellent at everything! Originally, I thought she was born that way, but looking back on her method of teaching, I think she taught like she had learned, practice, practice, practice.

Until this moment, I never really considered the patience that it took for her to work with me. Selah moment.

Practice takes patience. Practicing the mundane can lead you to some great places! I wish now that I had stuck with it and let her teach me, but I gave up too soon, and now I live with the result of my impatience.

I would never choose to write on patience, but it seems to be the word that the Lord has stuck in my heart right now.

Love is patient.

Yesterday, someone said to me, "You should never pray for patience!"

They had no idea what has been stewing in my heart.

"Well, I won't! Thank you for reminding me!" I thought.

But the truth is, patience can get you places that impatience cannot. And I want to go to some places; with people, with accomplishments, with God that will take a lot of patience. I desperately need it.

I may not ask God for patience, but I am praying. I am asking Him to fill me with His Spirit. And His Spirit is patient and if He is in me, I will have it when I need it. Thank you, God.

"But let patience have its perfect work; that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing." James 1:4 NKJV


myletterstoemily said...

what a precious example of patience!
i adored my grandmother and never
learned to sew from them. you were
much smarter than i was!

thanks for checking on me; i took my
girls to visit their sister in los angeles
and had a blast!


Melanie said...

Tx for your comment - isn't it fun to remember go-go boots. I just wrote a devo about my granny's quilt - loved reading this about your grandmother!