Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Under Construction

"End of Construction ... thank you for your patience." (as written on Ruth Bell Graham's tombstone you can see below)


She is gone but she has left a message, an unconventional sermon, which was so Ruth! 

I stood over her tombstone pondering her gratitude, her wit, her grace. 

Ruth Bell Graham, the wife of world renown evangelist, Billy Graham, ministered to me that day. That was four years ago and her words still speak to my soul.

I love new beginnings. I love that January causes so many to reflect on the past, and look on the present as opportunity to redirect and pursue new goals. I have been in that rank for many years.

This year is different for me. I feel like I am under construction.

"Aren't we always?"  you might ask.

Yes, we are, and Ruth would agree. But this year is different. The work I need is major!

I feel like an old, broken down homestead that is in much need of repair. Windows are broken, floors are sagging, doors lean against walls or cover holes in floors instead of hanging securely in place, plumbing and electricity need repair or replaced and ... the list is endless.

However, I have really good news. The Lord is not going to tear down the house. He is in the process of reconstructing as I write.

I am doing some things to help Him with the process, but I must tell you, that, mostly, I am letting Him do the  work.

Some of the construction is moving right along. He has helped me to get some garbage out. There is some woodwork that has been restored. The stripping came first, then the stain. Some of it is tedious requiring patience for both of us.

There was a heaping pile of pride, so, so large,  He has removed dump truckloads at a time. Just when I think He has gotten it all, the truck comes around the corner for another load! 

How I despise the smelly stuff!!!

 So, I am committed to taking one day at a time. I am listening. Following the lead of the Master Craftsman.

I join my grateful heart with Ruth's in saying, "thank you for your patience."


Susan Panzica - EternityCafe said...

I love this illustration. Thanks for sharing it. I may have to share it myself! Sounds like a perfect addition to my "i am a builder" chapter!

May He always keep renovating our temples :)

Blessings to you and yours in 2011! Will you be coming east this year? I'd LOVE to see you again.

myletterstoemily said...

ha ha! such a great analogy!

we are actually building a house and
having to make all those decisions,
which is fun. it will be OUR house,
but there are SO many choices.

when it comes to ourselves, it is much
wiser to let Him make all those decisions
and just say, "yes, sir."

i can't wait to see what your kitchen
looks like! :)