Tuesday, February 1, 2011


"There are all kinds of mission fields," I said looking into his beautiful blue eyes.It was the first thing that came to mind when he told me that he would be joining the Navy. We sow seed as we walk the path of life. 

I dressed him in his first sailor hat and suit when he was 6 months old. His Noah's ark toy was next to him. "Click, flash," his smile was big for the camera. Did the Lord already know then? 

We homeschooled when he was five. He was learning to read and write and memorize scripture and I loved being his mom and teacher and the love of his life . . . at that time. He loved stories, stories about George Washington were his favorite. I found a gorgeous bronze colored porcelain bust of George at a flea market. I decided to decorate Josiah's bedroom with an Americana theme. George was placed on his dresser.

Piece by piece old paper was taken off the walls, piece by itty-bitty piece. Then we painted. I put a border of  vintage American flags near the ceiling. It was beautiful! It was then that I found a wool navy shirt in a flea market. It was beautiful. I hung it up in his bedroom with other pretty decor that I can't even remember now. I will never forget that uniform! Was it seed? I was oblivious.

I keep pondering. I intentionally sowed seeds of faith into my children's lives. I purposefully sowed love and compassion for the lost, broken, and needy. I meant for them to learn patriotism and tenderness for others from me . . . but I did not intentionally sow seeds that would inspire a desire for serving our country into the heart of my son. 

I am too selfish. I realized this when he pulled out his dog tag, saying, "Mom, I want you to see this."
There was his name, and other pertinent information, then I saw it, what he wanted me to see. Stamped in silver it said, "Christian" across the bottom of the dog tag.  "They put this there so that if anything happens to me . . . " I cut in, "I know." I hug him. He doesn't see my tears. I am proud and honestly, I am scared, so I pray all kinds of prayers, big prayers, whispered prayers, tearful and happy prayers. 

The most important prayer is that his work will be done here as the Lord would will it. That he would have the integrity of Uriah, the tenacity of David, the obedience of Gideon, the courage of Joshua, and the armor of Ephesians 6, because

there are all kinds of mission fields. I want him to hear the Lord say someday, "Well done, sailor, welcome into your rest," after he has lived about 100 earth years.


Susan Panzica - EternityCafe said...

Wow! Pride and worry - the picture of a mother.

myletterstoemily said...

dear cheri,

this sowing can be so painful! i pray
that your seed will be protected and
nurtured by His Spirit until you see him


Corrie said...

Cheri, this is poignant and so wonderfully written! I marvel with you at the Lord's orchestration of our lives. How can we know the plans He has? How can we bear it? So glad we can trust Him to know it and to bear it! Love you, dear friend!

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