Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pondering Seven Branches/Candlestick

"As the incense table was a type of their aspect towards God, as intercessors, so the seven-branched candlestick was a type of their aspect towards the world, as luminaries . . ." F.B.Meyer (referring to the lampstand in the holy of holies). 

Seven-branched candlestick . . . luminaries . . .

let us be light

illuminating where holy is holy

and where life is like night, barren of celestial planets sharing glory with earth

let us "shine like stars in the universe"

and Matthew 25 . . . sleepy virgins with lamps, five ready for journey

five pretending there is time . . .

let us be like the seven-branched candlestick filled

with fresh oil, pressed, clear for burning, fuel for holy fire that strengthens weary soldiers


seven luminaries (my daily prayer), eight, nine, ten, and every branch following

filled and ready to shine . . . for eternity

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