Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Divine Encounter

Some encounters are designed to change your life forever. Today I had such an encounter. I met Andy Barrick via phone and in the first short minutes of our visits I was certain that I was experiencing a Divine Appointment. Please watch the video link that tells the story of his family's  testimony. I promise, no matter where you might be in your walk with the Lord, it will draw you closer. Watch to the very, very end, past Del Tacket's final word. Be blessed in every way. I am confident you will.
The most important encounter we will ever make is with Jesus. Do you know Him? If not, He is wanting you to. Run into His glorious embrace. You will never be sorry that you did!


1 comment:

myletterstoemily said...

this is such a heartbreaking but compelling
case to see the Lord's goodness in spite of
the tragedy. one of my friends just lost her
daughter in a similar accident, and she is
just devastated.

thank you, cheri, for sharing this and your
sweet heart here. thank you, too for not
judging my silliness at my place. beneath
the facade is a heart that leans toward Him.