Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Living Proof

One daughter and her husband are moving through this day with heavy hearts. Their friend didn't think he could take it here anymore. He was angry with his parents so he decided to climb the rails of a bridge and jump off. He would kill himself. That would hurt them bad enough! He never thought about the other people in his life that he would hurt.

I wonder what he is thinking now. Would he undo this if he could?

How can one get to this point?

Life is stinkin' hard sometimes! Is it not?

Have you ever wanted to ascend the rail of a bridge and end it all?

Have you ever been that discouraged, hurt, or angry? I hope not!

I sit here and ponder, how can I encourage you?

I must admit, there have been hard times in my life. And a time or two I begged the Lord to end my life and take me home! I did! I really did! It was in desperate times, times that I really couldn't see up or down or in or out or any other way around hard! It felt like life was going to be that way forever! But it wasn't. The devastating season of hard finally came to an end . . . oh, not the screeching halt I pleaded for, but gradually it all got better. Right now I am in the season of happy and fun and good. And THANKFUL for the Lord being  my anchor in the season of hard, because if He had not, I would have probably found my way to the rail of a bridge and would not be writing this right now.

Is today another hard day? Are there seemingly hundreds of hard days behind you and as far as you look you cannot see anything but hard days ahead of you? Can I tell you more about my Anchor? The One who kept me from the rail of a bridge? He can walk you through to happy days. I am living proof!

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myletterstoemily said...

oh, his poor, poor family and your poor
daughter. some people get angry, but i
always think, "for someone to do that, he
must have been horribly miserable."

my prayers go out to his loved ones and
hope they do not feel guilty, which is the
enemy's secret weapon.