Monday, June 13, 2011

Beyond the Pew

When mind is small it thinks on small things. My mind was fixed upon wearing my new pink twirly skirt to church Sunday. It is beautiful! Dancing is not required, it has a graceful, pretty flow when you walk across the room.

I received a call Saturday afternoon that caused my small mind to completely forget about the skirt. Thankfully.

I was called upon to help at a church that is helping the needy victims of the Joplin tornado. I have been wanting to help, asking the Lord where to go, what to do.

So Sunday, I put on my capris and my t-shirt and went to Joplin to be the church.

We are supposed to grow at church. I am told of those who have gained pounds as a result of church suppers. I am most likely guilty of that. It is easy to grow seated around a bountiful table, but we are supposed to grow spiritually seated around the altar. It can be easy to get fat there, too.  Yesterday I was called upon to exercise my faith, away from the altar feast,  with my hand outstretched toward hurting and broken people.

 Today the tears fall like rain.

I hope I never see destruction like I saw in Joplin ever again in my lifetime. Words do not convey, tv news reporters cannot depict, stories cannot reveal, cameras cannot catch how devastating the reality is.

My friend, Rosamary, spent nine 14 hour days there . . . yesterday was her tenth. I have spent one measly day, small, small sacrifice on my part.

I met a little girl yesterday. I am going to have to tell you her story. Think I will write about her tomorrow, that is unless I am called back to Joplin to work.

Please pray for the people of Joplin. 7000 homes were destroyed. Last I knew, 151 people have died as a result of that one damaging storm.

There are people who have lost everything. One lady said that she buried five family members and a friend.

So many are still in shock. Some are getting their bearings. The strong ones are sharing hope.

I will never be the same . . . amen.

Twirly skirts sitting on a church pew . . . what was I ever thinking?

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Kandace Rather said...

I understand your thoughts in this friend. Thank you for coming. Sorry we could not meet up. Appreciate your prayers!
Love you, Kandace