Friday, August 22, 2008

Living Word

He isn't listening.
In fact he is asleep.
The light is on, I stir him. He does not move.
His breathing is heavy. Did I hear him snore? He is not engaged
in the powerful words that I am breathing over him. He doesn't care.
He doesn't want to know. He wants to remain in his sleepy state of mind. 
I beckon to him by beginning to read:

"Blessed, happy, fortunate, [to be envied] are the undefiled......the upright, truly sincere and the way [of the revealed will of God]; who walk.......that is, order their conduct and [the whole of God's revealed will] the law of the Lord." (vs. 1)

This is you, Josiah. This word is speaking of you will walk in the truth of this verse.

"Blessed, happy, fortunate [to be envied] are they who keep His testimonies, and who
seek, inquire for and of Him and crave Him with the whole heart." (vs. 2)

May you crave Him, my son, let your whole heart be drawn to Him.

The Word, prayer, love penetrate his slumber. He stirs. 

He will be going to public school today. He is a Junior. This is an opportunity. Time threatens brevity. 

"Yes, they do no willful wandering from His precepts; they walk in His ways." (vs. 3)

I read and pray the first eleven verses of Psalm 119 over my son.

The Word is living, active, sharper than a  two-edged sword. I trust it to pierce the
subconscious mind of my child. It is hovering over him now. I believe it is settling in his heart.

I know he needs more than this, but I begin here for now. I believe the truth of these words
will empower him for every encounter he meets today.

When he walks into the classroom, may there be a sense that this is a blessed young man.

I can't be there with him. I trust that the Word that I am planting in him will be a lamp unto his feet and a light unto his path.

I will begin at verse 12 Monday morning before school. Tears often fall as I feel the Lord hovering over this precious time. 

Josiah is not listening, not at the moment.  As I speak this truth over him may it awaken the listening ear of his heart so that someday he will have a clear understanding of the holiness of this moment. 

A time will come when his child will be sleeping. Craving sleep. Breathing heavily with slumber. Resting, unaware that his Daddy is reading, praying, believing, and loving him with tears.

I leave his room expecting answers to prayer.


By Faith~
*Verses taken from the Amplified Version of the Bible.


His Help Mate: said...

What a sweet glimpse this is!

I found your blog today and just thought I'd stop by! :)

Paula (SweetPea) said...

That's beautiful, Cheri. The faith of a praying precious. His Word won't come back void. Praying scriptures over your "baby" is powerful.

Joyful said...

Precious post Cheri.

James 5:16, "The prayer of a righteous (woman) is powerful and effective."

May future generations be honoured because of your faithfulness.

Love & prayers,

Laura said...

So beautiful, Cheri! Those tender moments in the dark are so precious...I love your prayer for your little one!
What a blessing you are to your children!

Shala said...

Oh Cheri, this really is beautiful. Is this something that you have always done? I have heard of "sleep talking" before and that it is a very effective way to enter the subconcious. It gave me chills reading about feeling the Lord's presence. It is most awesome when the Word becomes real. I believe that it pleases God so much when we stand on his promises and believe that they are REAL. I am sure that you won't be disappointed and your faithfullness will not be in vain.

I love you.

PS. I think I will do this with Chuck - maybe a little scripture then some romance novel. hahahaha

Cheri Bunch said...

Hi Shala,
I did this for two straight years with Josiah and Luke. I didn't do it very often last year with Josiah though. Luke went off to college and I got lazy with Joe. I felt the Lord prompt me that it was time to get to it again. It changes me the most I am sure. The words seem to penetrate my heart and I often end up praying the scriptures for myself as well as Joe. I trust it is making a difference in both of us.
Love you!

His View Girls said...

I'm so thankful I took the time to come to your blog! One word comes to my mind....inspiring. You have inspired me more times than I can count over the years. I read the Vintage blog and the tears flowed. Absolutely priceless! I love the way He uses our children to teach us His ways.
Love you!

Cheri Bunch said...


Thank you for praying! Your prayer inspired me TODAY!
I am glad that you checked in. I love the memory of Ashli presenting the gospel that way. It makes me cry too!

Love you lots!

Grace said...

What a wonderful example you are of a mother praying blessings on her children. I am a somewhat new mom and need to learn from examples like you. We are supposed to be raising our children to go out, and yet to go out completely covered by the the Lord's bessings and connected to Him as the vine. Thanks for your example!

Cheri Bunch said...

So nice to meet you, Grace!