Thursday, August 14, 2008

Things that Really Matter

Back to the room that I am redecorating for guests. It is looking really beautiful! I have had so much fun picking up just the right things to make it look like a haven of rest for whomever might come to visit our home. 

I found a little vanity at an antique shop that is so quaint and elegant. When I saw it I could visualize my daughter sitting at that vanity, putting on her eye shadow, combing her hair, and sipping her tea. I was sure that it was  meant to be in that room. 

The vanity was a really good price but the chair that went with it was too much. The dealer and I tried putting many different chairs with it but nothing else looked like it belonged. So I bit my lip and purchased the overpriced wobbly chair. (That I am hoping my Mr. Fix-it husband can strengthen.)

Our youngest son, Josiah, went with me to pick up the vanity and chair. He put it in the back of the truck, strapped it in as tight as he could get it. I wasn't quite sure that we had it secure enough so I asked the man at the store if he thought it was okay. He assured us that it would be fine if we took the back roads home and went slow. I still wasn't sure, but I took his word and off we went.

About half-way home we heard a crash. The dresser had fallen and great was it's fall. My son pulled over and glass was all over the bed of the truck where the mirrors had broken. It was a disaster. Humpty-Dumpty couldn't be put back together again!

Thoughts came to me. I was thinking that Josiah would always remember this moment. He was going to tell his children how I reacted to this disaster. So, calmly I told him that I thought we should leave it lie as it was and finish our drive home. Then I really didn't say anything. I didn't know what to say so I thought it best to be still. Josiah remained quiet as well. It seemed like a very long drive. It was probably five or six miles.

We arrived home to my husband. He was not too happy with my purchase (not a fan of antiques) and he was really disappointed that we had damaged the vanity. Josiah left the room to clean the glass out of the truck bed. I very gently said to Scotty "Josiah is more important than the vanity". He silently agreed. We kept it peaceful. 

I am going to have new mirrors cut to put in the vanity. I touched up the scratches and dings and you know it doesn't look too bad. I still love it. 
There were old newspapers from 1927 behind the mirrors. They were fabulous! There were beautiful ads for women's shoes priced at $2.68 or if you wanted some very stylish "Emma Jettick" shoes you must pay $5.85. Men's dress shirts were advertised at $1.55. What fun it was to read through those old writings. In fact I am going to frame some of the clippings for my new room.

Our ride home from the antique store is one that we will always remember. I really wanted to cry when the vanity crashed but I am confident that in time this will be a time that we reflect on with laughter. Even my husband will laugh..........down the road a bit. 

The vanity is just that........vanity! My son, on the other hand, he is a treasured possession.

So let me know when you would like to come for a visit and I'll put the tea kettle on. Oh, and that chair, it is still pretty wobbly so be careful when you sit at the vanity.



Paula (SweetPea) said...

And just think if the glass had not been broken, you wouldn't have found those precious newspapers. I LOVE that you are framing them. Not only a reminder of lower priced shoes but a reminder of how you handle this learning lesson and opportunity with love and grace. Awesome, Cheri!

Joyful said...

Oh Cheri, how I'd love to come to tea. I wouldn't be looking at the vanity...I could sit on the floor...I'd just enjoy visiting with YOU!!!

Love & hugs,

Ashli said...

Can't wait to have a tea party and see the new room. It sounds really delightful. I have an idea for a "room-warming" gift....hopefully I can find what I want in time.

Sometimes the dings and dents add character....

Shala said...

Wow, you always have a knack for finding the "hidden treasures". Do you remember that old ugly piece of furniture that you refinished in high school? It was amazing the transformation that took place when you were finished. And tea parties - that playhouse of yours saw plenty of those.

I can't wait to see the new room AND the new car. I love that Scotty reacted how you hoped he would. I'm sure Joe was relieved as well. :) You will like the new mirror better anyway - old mirrors often make people look kind of warped. haha

Love you!

Corrie said...

I really do wish that I could snap my fingers and be there! Thanks for this example of graceful forgiveness. I think it is a difficult thing to stop the immediate fleshly reaction and respond as Christ would--it is for me! Thankfully, He is quick to show me His grace!

Cheri Bunch said...

You are all so dear to my heart. Wouldn't it be something if you could all could come at once? I would just love for you all to get acquainted! You are all so special!
Love ya!
ps. I tried snapping my fingers, Corrie, and you are not here yet!!!! Still hoping for soon!!!!!

Shala said...

Where would we all stay if we cam at once - in the king size bed? hahaha I love Ashli's response about her song - it is the first thing that came to my mind when I read your story. We were so blessed to have Grandma Terry as such a strong influence in our lives, and the lives of our children. Your story about the trash and flowers reminded me of her, too. That was the kind of story she was always telling me.

I thought that her stories were so corny when she told them - but I truly love the memories now. Of course, I find myself saying the same things to my kids - "you will catch more flies with honey than with vinegar" (not that any one of us wants to catch flies - my point when I was a teenager and she was a dork)

I really like your blog. I hope that you will continue to write of experiences that have influenced you in the past. You have always been such a fan of historical writers - you can be one yourself.

We need to get together soon - maybe we can meet halfway and spend the night - I really miss you. Love you much,