Monday, August 4, 2008


Another child has left our nest! Actually he left a year ago, but I am just now coming to grips with this information. 

Luke left for college last August. He is going to school just eighty miles from our house but sometimes it seems like a thousand. We don't see him very often. He has such an amazing life at school. 

Did I tell you what a great kid he is? I must boast! He is on the Deans List because he is a great student. He works hard at getting really good grades and he is very smart. He got involved with campus ministries and is constantly involved in some sort of outreach project. He believes in Jesus and wants it to be obvious in his life. His dad and I couldn't be more pleased with the choices he has made. 

I have been so happy about his life that it has really helped to ease the pain of letting him go. Until this weekend when we began to clean out his room. My husband worked very hard on most of it because he knew that Luke and I would not handle it as well. 

This morning I cleaned out a dresser and found a fitted sheet with horsies on it. I still have a lump in my throat. It is not going to the thrift store. I must hold onto it for someone that might come along at a later time to join our know, like a grandson!!!! 

The reason we are cleaning out the room is because it had bunk beds in it. We had to buy a king sized bed for my son-in-law because he is one macho man and needed a bigger one to sleep in while he is visiting us. So I am turning that room into a beautiful guest room. It is under construction right now and soon you will not be able to tell that it was a little boys room. 

I can still hear the giggles that would come from that room. We used to call Luke and Caleb "Chip and Dale". You should have heard them! They had the best time together!!!! And we had the best time raising them.........most of the time!!!!

My little Luke has grown into quite a young man. I miss all of his little boy ways.  I am so thankful that the Lord chose us to raise him. He has brought this family much joy. It would never be the same without him. 

So I am hoping that he will come to visit a lot! This will always be a place he can call home. We are always thrilled to see him walk through the door. Quite often he brings a new friend or two along which is always a blessing. 

Well, I must get back to work. The painter comes Wednesday. 

Thanks for letting me be sentimental.  I am not going to say I am having a crisis.........rather a transition. Transition is a challenge. Life moves on and we must move with it. So Forward  Ho! Here We Go!



Joyful said...

Cheri, what a beautiful post. Things/Life just doesn't stay the same does it. Yet, with all the changes we have a guarantee - Jesus is the same, yesterday, today and forever! Praising Him for His constant presence in my life.

Love, hugs and prayers,

Cheri Bunch said...

Thank you, Joy. Yes, the Lord Jesus is our one and only mainstay in life. I join you in praise!
Blessings, dear sister!

Melissa said...


You've been tagged by me:)


for details. Have fun!