Sunday, March 8, 2009

Breaking Free

It is behind me and I want to leave it there.
Going forward into my new world seems the safer route.
It happened in my yesterdays and I want to leave it there
far behind me, in the past.
The cocoon that I have worked around me has created a new environment, one that
is safe and secure. It holds me fast. I am thriving.
But I was told that I must not be deceived, the cocoon will eventually suffocate me.
I will die unless I chose to look back at my old world and face the hurts far behind me.
I work my way through the cocoon while my heart begs to stay. 
I have become comfortable with the way things are. 
I feel safe in the hollow of its embrace. Feelings try to deceive me.
Transformation has occurred within my nest and I am not the same.
At one time the cocoon provided me comfort, rest, and nourishment and now it is
securing my future as I work to free myself from it's firm grasp.
Facing my past, what used to be is an important step to take. So I will leave my
nest and face my future while looking into what used to be wearing a new mantle.
No longer hiding.
Healing is on the other side of my nest. Outside.
And so I begin my journey, a little shaky, and yet determined. 
I want to be restored. If relationship returns, I will rejoice. 
If it remains as it is, I will walk in the freedom I have been given, but I will not
go back into the cocoon and hide myself away. It was good for a season but not now.
Obedience, choosing to follow rather than creating my own trail is my only option.
Soon I will be soaring to new heights with this newfound strength with the only One
who can lead me there.

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Joyful said...

Freedom is often a struggle and the familiar often calls us to return to the safety of the cocoon. Not an easy metamorphosis, but resulting in soaring with Him.

Still learning to break free,