Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Cool of the Day

I stepped out of the door and was met with a kiss from the cool of the morning. 
The gentle breeze of morning triggered thoughts from Genesis when the Lord would meet and walk with Adam and Eve in the cool of the day.  My mind began to go there, pondering.

Why did He meet with them in the cool of the day?
First thing.
I am sure that is what it means, the Lord met with them first thing in the morning. Right away, when they awoke from their sleep, He was there ready to go for a walk with them. 

What do you suppose they talked about?

Do you think He pointed out the marvelous wonders that He had created in the Garden while explaining to them how it all worked? Did they ask questions about what they saw, or did they just praise Him as they enjoyed His magnificent creation as they explored the garden with Him?

Perhaps "cool of the day" simply meant the opposite of the "heat of the day".

Heat of the day in the Garden of Eden would mean exactly that, it would be a bit warmer a little later in the day.

My mind kept going with this.
Our cool of the day could be when all is well. We feel His presence with us and we are confident. His voice is clear and we feel secure. Those times when His presence is tangible.

And then comes the heat of the day. Where did He go? We cannot seem to hear His voice. It seems that His feet have left the path we are on leaving us to walk it alone. The heat beats down on us, and sometimes we beg to be comfortable again as we long for the cool of the day to return. 

Yesterday when I stepped out of my door and was met with a  kiss from the cool of the day these thoughts came upon me. It seems I have been walking in the heat of the day for the past few days. The heat has been intense and tenacious. It has been difficult, not fun, frustrating! I have been longing for the cool of the day to return to me!

So, I got in my car, loaded a cd in the player that holds six cds. I selected the number four cd and searched until I landed on the number four song. I thought I knew the cd  and the song that would play, but I had chosen the wrong one. I decided to leave it there, and then I heard these words coming from the song that I had selected by mistake; 

"to walk in the cool of the day with You,
to gaze on the beauty of all You do.
To meditate on Your glorious splendor, 
I was made for  You........"

I didn't know that song would come on. 

It seemed as if the Lord was singing to me.

He looked right into my thoughts and began to sing to them.

He brought me the cool of the day.

Then He met me there........singing!

He loves to enjoy the cool of the day with us. So many times I run to Him in the heat of the day, when things are unbearable and I need a savior! I believe He was saying to me, "Come enjoy the cool of the day with Me then when the heat of the day comes you will be ready for it. I will show you who I am in the cool of the day so that you will know that I am with you and will never leave you when things begin to heat up and you can't sense My presence."

So I come, first thing. I come when I know He is near and He speaks clear. I come expecting to be refreshed as we walk and talk.

And when the heat of the day takes over, and I don't really see Him anymore, I will trust that He is with me. And I will wait until the cool of the day returns and we can enjoy one another again.

For now, I am enjoying  the cool of the day with Him once again! Praise the Lord!

Blessings, sweet friends!



Cheri Bunch said...

Realizing that the cool of the day comes at evening as well. Perhaps the Lord met Adam and Eve in the evening, the heat of the day was when their encounter with the serpent occurred. Often there is temptation in the heat of the day for us as well. We often want to give up and quit in the heat of our battles, but we must remember that the cool of the day WILL come and the Lord will be asking us questions just like He did with Adam and Eve. Oh, for grace to be faithful to Him in the heat of the day! When temptations come! When fears come! When false promises persuade us!
Oh, oh Lord, give us grace to be faithful in the heat of the day!


Julie said...

Love how God does that... puts a thought in your head then repeats it through different things like songs, etc.
It makes it all SO personal...

I just love it.

Thanks for sharing!

Kandace Rather said...


Sitting at my computer listening to the prayer room and sensing His presence in a powerful way. I loved your blog....Psalm 3:5


Joyful said...

Cheri, how 'cool' that the Lord sang over you as well. So precious.

My mind is singing another chorus as I read your post:

"Times of refreshing, Here in Your presence
There's no greater blessing than being with You
My soul is restored, My mind is renewed
There's no greater joy, Lord
Than being with You".

Needing His gentle breeze to blow over the 'heat' of my day. Knowing He will walk with me.

Love ya,

Laura said...

Oh, I just love moments like these, Cheri! I've been walking in the heat of the day today...struggling with jumping back into life after being on the mountaintop last week! but the morning always comes, no? Thanks for encouraging me this morning.