Saturday, April 4, 2009

Prayer List

Friends, there are so many needs. Some of you might stop reading right there because your prayer list is already so long that you are overwhelmed. 

I have not ever really prayed by lists. It always felt like an assignment when I had a list before me with needs that I should bring before the Lord. So I have relied heavily on the Holy Spirit to bring others to mind. There are names that come to me daily and there are other names  that come to mind just once in awhile.

I have not been a very good intercessor. I can't say as I really know how to be one. I don't have the make up for it. I am not patient. I pray diligently for someone for days and then I release them to the Lord like a balloon that escapes the hand of a small child. It as if the need touches the heart of God and it disappears from my mind forever.

I have friends that are amazing intercessors. They seem to have a special grace to pray for others. I have been on their lists many times. They have brought my name to the Father while prostrate, facedown, breathing my name and those of my family. He has heard them and brought deliverance so many times. They pray, pounding the gates of heaven until they get answers.

I am so thankful for the Body of Christ........the faithful ones who pray! 

Dear friends, the Lord has been calling me into a new level of intercession. He has brought so many life and death needs into my life that at times it literally overwhelms me. Almost daily a life or death situation has been brought to my attention. For several months I feel that the Lord has been calling me into a new level of prayer. It is a level that prays for others as if I were praying for myself. Some might say that I should have always been praying that way. So true. I thought that I was, but now I see that I am a rookie at this. I am weak, so weak.

So I go facedown, morning, noon, night, sometimes the middle of the night, bringing petitions before the True Intercessor, the One who knows how. We join in agreement, He and I, and pray for those who are on my list.

There is power in agreement.

I don't know how to pray many times. 

The One that I am praying with is the One who said from the cross, "Father, forgive them, they do not know what they are doing."

There is a lot of grace in that prayer. 

There are many times I need that prayer.

I am thinking that there are many times the Lord has prayed that prayer for me.

He is helping to shoulder the weight, the burden of intercession that He is walking me through right now. I don't know what I am doing, not really but I am yoked with Him, He is teaching me.

May I share some of these very serious things with you. You might be called to breathe a name to the Father, petitioning Him for help.

A fraction of my list:

Brock Barber, age 22, inoperable brain tumor, begins chemo Monday (one of my son Caleb's best friends).

My Uncle Eldon Terry, given four to six months to live, cancer. Pray for His soul.

Teresa Thomas, 22, my cousin's daughter, melanoma cancer.

My friend Joy's dad, dementia.

My friend Melissa, mom has cancer.

Met a new friend this week whose son is having serious mental issues.

My sister-in-law Kathy Bunch, breast cancer.

My cousin Randy and wife Sharon who lost their 18 year old son last October. His birthday was in March. He would have been 19. Would have been days are very hard.

My friend Paula believing for a restored marriage.

My friend Angie believing for a restored marriage.

I held a newborn baby last Wednesday night. He was minutes old, I held him in my arms and we bonded right away. He doesn't know my name yet, but I know his. He is on my list. Sweet little thing has so much life ahead of him. As I held him I couldn't help but think that he was just covered in the kisses of God. Totally covered. They stripped him to weigh him, oh but he, little Teagan, naked as could be, was covered with the kisses of God.

Lord, please hear us when we lift these names to you. Every petition needs your undivided attention. Would you please kiss these needs and make them better. Thank you, Jesus! Amen!

Thank you for praying, friends. I appreciate you!

Because He LIVES!



Paula (SweetPea) said...

Thank you for including me on your precious list. I so know what you mean about being a rookie at intercessing. Sometimes, I don't know what to pray for myself let alone other situations. I tend to usually not simply pray God's will. He tells us to ask so I ask boldly for healing, for answers, for restoration, for the needs placed before us. Knowing that this will be done (hopefully) according to His will. I say hopefully because things do happen b/c of free will (you know that and how free will has torn up my entire life). We pray specifically for these needs yet recognizing that we accept whatever He decides or ALLOWS to happen. Not everything is His desire, right? Amen!

You have a beautiful heart.
Love ya,

Laura said...

This post resonates with me too, Cheri. But I love how you say you pray for days for someone, and then release them to the Lord. I think that is what you should do!

I think you are a smashing intercessor, my friend! I'll never forget how you prayed with me and for me. That was very special to me.

Sending my prayers for you...

Joyful said...

Cheri, thank you for including my family and our need on your list. I love how you are asking the Lord to "kiss these needs and make them better". I don't know that a 'kiss' will remove the condition, but I pray it will soothe, comfort and bless. Knowing God has touched our pain and is that intimate and close to 'kiss' our concern, brings it's own healing.

Love ya Cheri. Will lift up these other requests before His throne of grace right now.