Monday, April 20, 2009

Springtime in the City

                Scotty trying to stay dry. 
        My gang; Scotty, Ashli, Caleb, Drake.
             Drake and Ashli enjoying our day in the rain.
          Central Park was BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

                Ashli and I at the Cloisters.

Trying to define it.
I always thought that it was where your kids return to.
I am thinking now it is wherever you can be together.

Scotty and I just returned from New York City where spring is bursting between the skyscrapers, bringing an array of color to blend with the grandeur of the giant city. It is beautiful! We had the privilege of watching the sleeping flowers wake with the warmth of the sun that beckoned them to open. 

We got to see Caleb, Ashli, and Drake every day for several days. That was my favorite part of the trip. I also got to visit with my sweet friend, Ashley Call. We got to do many wonderful things, see amazing sights, worship with family on Easter. Blessings were found on every street corner. The Lord was with us! 

Josiah did not go with us on this trip, but he has been several times. I just asked him what his favorite thing was in NYC, his reply exposed  my thoughts, he said, "it is a tie between Ashli and Caleb." He quickly added the fact that Drake and Ashli are one and so he is factored  into the picture.

Thought I would post some of the beauty and fun. Hope you enjoy a few of the pictures. 



Joyful said...

OH Cheri, how I enjoyed seeing your pictures...your much love in each photo!!!

Home truly is where are heart is, isn't it. Your friendship has always made me feel at home too. Must be because we share the same Father.


Laura said...

Welcome home, sweet friend! Or shall I say, until you are together again? I love these photos, your gang is beauty-ful.

I missed you!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Wow... love the flowers, tulips and tiny brilliant blues. The yellow and white budding trees. How hysterical Scotty and his plastic bag? Funny how it filled with air and hung down his head.

Sounds like a beautifully grand ol' time.