Monday, April 27, 2009

The Hat

One of my favorite stops in New York City was Bonnie's. It was a narrow store, smaller than some closets I have seen. It was filled with vintage wares. Hats, gloves, clutches,  jewelry, scarves, all the things a girl could love, lined the shelves of this little find.

Ashli and I spotted some necklaces in the large display windows that drew us right in the door to see what might be hidden inside. The treasures from yesterdays gone by were staggering. 

Ashli looks beautiful in hats, so that is what we were immediately drawn to. She tried on hat after hat, most of them were extremely flattering. 

The owner of the store, Sandy, was a beautiful woman, seemingly full of wisdom and grace. She worked there because she loved her wares. 

There was a hat mounted apart from the others. It was a green hat wrapped with a black satin ribbon held in place with a beautiful vintage brooch. This hat above all others stood out to us. "May we try it?" 

The hat was placed on Ashli's head. It was beautiful........the most beautiful of all.  I wanted to buy it for her. I would of if it had been anywhere near an acceptable price. I wanted her to have it. It seemed to be a natural fit. 

The hat was from the 1940's and was the prize of the store. I doubt if anything else exceeded it's value to the owner. Confident she could sell the treasure she would not budge on the price. And so we had to leave it behind. 

Sandy frowned when I flashed a picture. 

I wanted to hand her my credit card and have her wrap up that find and carry it out the door with us as we went on our way. But I resisted. 

Later in the day we passed Bonnie's again. The store was closed..... The Lord was helping me to resist. 

I couldn't get that hat off of my mind. I wanted it for Ashli, didn't that make it right? She looked stunning in it.  

I wondered who the woman was that purchased the hat back in the 40's and what was she like. I am sure that she didn't have a credit card. Of course the hat would have toted a smaller price tag. I wondered if perhaps she had spotted it on an outing with her daughter, and had wanted it, and had waited until she had saved up for it. Perhaps she prayed that it would go on sale and perhaps it did.  I wondered if she wore it much. And where did she wear it to? Did she wear it on special outings or for everyday? 

I left the hat in New York City at Sandy's store called Bonnie's. Hey, if you happen by there would you stop in and check on it for me?  I am sure that you will recognize it. It is the most exquisite hat in the shop. 

For now, I have settled for a picture of Ashli in that beautiful hat. It looked even more stunning in person.  You like?

But most of all, I have a peace in my heart that I did the right thing. I left behind an earthly treasure. Something temporal in exchange for something better. Sweet peace. 



Kandace Rather said...

Awww....Cheri, I love the picture! You should have bought the hat! :-) I am did the right thing and I am proud of you.
Love you!

Joyful said...

You can't buy peace, and even if you could, imagine the price tag!! It cost God everything so that we could know His peace and He offers it freely to us. You definitely received the better deal my friend. You came home with a greater treasure.

Love & hugs,

Laura said...

So beautiful, Cheri.I wish I had found Bonnie's when I was in NYC in October! If I ever make it back there I promise to find it and look for the green hat.

Somehow, your affinity for vintage treasures does not surprise are a precious treasure that the Lord has known since the beginning of time. and you know true beauty.

BTW--re: your last comment on my post: I think you just ooze passion for Him, Cheri! You inspire me so!

I love you, lady!