Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Out of the Ordinary

Tomorrow Scotty and I will be getting on a plane and heading to New York City. He is nearly packed and I am still thinking about packing. I am so excited about heading East to see our children I can hardly stand it! 

I have not seen them since Christmas and I am having some serious issues with separation anxiety! I need to see their sweet faces while we are chatting. I love having access to a cell phone but it is not the same.

Ashli is making plans to take us to some really cool places! Have you ever heard of a pickle store? I can imagine the fragrance!

When Ashli was little she used to eat pickles and drink apple cider at the same time. I don't ever remember her getting a tummy ache as a result. It kind of gives me a tummy ache just to think about it.

One thing on our agenda that I am so looking forward to is a restaurant that is a little more upscale than lets say McDonalds. She was eating there one day with some business associates and Caroline Kennedy just happened in for lunch. She did not ask to join them.....she missed out, I tell you! I told Ashli to put that on the schedule for sure, and please work it out that Caroline can be there. I promised to persuade her daddy to dress in something other than his farmer boy clothes.

We will be spending Easter in two churches. First we will go to church with Caleb at North Shore Baptist where he is the youth pastor. (Did I say that I can hardly wait to see this boy?) Then we will meet Ashli and Drake for brunch downtown. Later in the afternoon, three to be exact, we will go to Times Square Church. I think it will a delightful Easter Sunday! So out of the ordinary! 

Writing that last exclamation makes me realize I have been asking the Lord for this! I have been pleading for Him to give me the extraordinary! Anyone can have the ordinary, but I am hungering for an extraordinary life! 

The empty tomb was extraordinary. 

It wasn't common to find a tomb where death was not a welcomed guest, where angels gathered to celebrate life, where soldiers left hanging their heads and trembling in their boots. A tomb that was invaded and robbed of the power of death by a greater power!

Resurrection Power!!!!

It isn't common to find a soul that is carrying around this kind of power!

The truth is...........

"But if the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, He who raised Christ Jesus from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through His Spirit who dwells in you......." (Romans 8:11)

Is that kind of power dwelling in you, making angels celebrate life? The power that transforms a sinful nature to a sanctified nature? The kind of power that makes the defeated devil leave trembling knowing that he does not have the power to overcome this resurrection force????

Because if that kind of power lives in you, it will give life to you! In every area it WILL give life to you! It WILL cleanse the path of defeat for you! And it WILL express itself through you! 

And it will be anything but ordinary! 

Tomorrow we will be leaving our comfy Kansas abode with our trundles (complete with air bed in tow), and we will meet our children in an extraordinary place, see wonders, and make extravagant memories, all the while carrying in us the same Spirit that raised Christ Jesus from the dead! 

Tomorrow, like every day since we invited Him into our the tomb of our hearts to bring it to a place of resurrection, we will expect the extraordinary!

The Tomb is Empty, My Heart Is Full!!!!

Celebrating His Life with you, Friends!!!!



Marilyn in Mississippi said...

This sounds like a beautiful trip! I hope we will get to see some pictures! (hint, hint!) :)

I was energized just by reading your post.

Thanks for sharing!


Joyful said...

Hope your time with your children was a great blessing.

Just wanted to say 'hi'.
Missing you.