Monday, June 8, 2009


His fingerprints remain on every page. I hold it near to my heart feeling that it has absorbed some of his DNA. I carry it with me nearly everywhere I go. Others might think that it is mine and that I am boasting of my diligence to seek my God. It is not my diligence that I am celebrating. This is an inheritance of sorts, my husband's Bible.

The Lord has faithfully breathed on these pages bringing words to life. He scooped rich treasure from the portals of scripture and deposited into my man's heart. The Lord blesses a seeker. He pours generously from the storehouses of heaven into the heart and mind of the man humble enough to ask. My husband is a humble man.

I have been a witness of a metamorphoses of sorts. A good man, brilliant, fun, honest, tender man, become even more wonderful as he has looked into the mirror of these pages and found his own reflection. "Mirror, mirror on the wall".....the reflection has caused an awakening at times. The reflection has birthed pause and prayer. Prayer has brought about change.

The Lord has dealt bountifully with Scotty and I have become the beneficiary of time well invested. Oh, I am not the only one, but I am the most grateful one. 

Scotty has been using a different Bible for some time now. He has read through the "new" one several times and it's pages are also wearing thin. Perhaps the newer one will be passed to one of our children or a grandchild someday. For now I am carrying his first Bible. The first one that he actually read. Other neglected copies remain stoic on the shelf. This one he has meditated over. Pondered. Stained with tears. Passed to me. I feel that I am carrying part of him with me everywhere I go. It's like I am holding onto a relationship between God and man. My man. A relationship that will never break. An eternal bond.

You might argue my case here, saying it is just a Bible. Something temporal. Something that will burn someday. But friends, there are few things in this world that have transformed my world as effectively as this copy of the written Word. So it remains an earthly treasure to me. I have an affinity for it. I will carry it for years to come. As it has carried me.

This treasure will be passed. My fingerprints will be mingled with Scotty's. My tears will leave a traces, and a legacy will be passed. 


Laura said...


This post touches me deeply, as I watch my own man going through a similar metamorphosis. Last week we celebrated his "three year anniversary" of giving his heart to Christ.

I also want to let you know that I have been praying for Brock...and Caleb. My heart breaks for these two young men--to know such loss at this early age. They are in His hands.

And thank you so much for the gift of the word study you left on my blog! What an amazing blessing to gain this understanding. Simply beautiful.

Just like you.


p.s. I read your devotional today! Thank you for your gift of words, my friend. Will you go to SheSpeaks this year? I am sorry to say I'm sitting this one out. I will miss the opportunity to see you. Considering driving down there just so I can visit. :)

Daveda said...

"there are few things in this world that have transformed my world as effectively as this copy of the written Word." Beautiful

And, those that God has placed in our lives to sharpen us :)

Beautiful post!

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

Precious! Precious! Precious! Many years ago when we were visiting our daughter at a Christian college in IL our van was broken into at the motel where we stayed. My Bible was in a case with handles that may have looked like it was a purse. At any rate, my Bible that I had read through 4 times was stolen. I was heartbroken! But now I have just "retired" a Bible that I read through 8 times and have even put in my will that my youngest son gets it. It's been hard trying to break in a new Bible and I find myself returning again and again to my Old Faithful & Falling Apart Bible! I love that you love your husband's old Bible! That speaks volumes!


Joyful said...

Beautiful beyond words.

Carrying His Word,