Monday, June 1, 2009

Best Friends

*Update on Brock. The chemo and radiation treatments have been stopped for two weeks. They will do an MRI at the end of that time, hoping that it will reveal a shrunken tumor. In the meantime, Brock is beginning intense physical therapy hoping that he will regain some of his motor skills. He is not happy about this. Please be praying for him. He has a lot of pain.  There has been a prayer group established for Brock on Facebook that hosts nearly 500 people that are diligently praying for his recovery. Thank you for joining us in faith believing that nothing is too difficult for our God!!!!

My son, Caleb, has a best friend that is suffering. I called him last Monday where he lives in New York City and asked if he wouldn't pray about making a trip home to see  Brock. He was able to get a ticket and fly into Kansas City the next morning. We then headed to Brock's grandma's house where he is laid up.

I was his driver so I experienced first-hand the emotion of this trip. 

Brock has a brain tumor in the center of his brain that has tentacles that are spreading. He has not talked in six weeks. He has had three holes drilled in his brain. Two to place in shunts, one to drain the blood from a severe hemorrhage. His once healthy form is not immobile and a bit misshapen. He has been taking chemo and radiation treatments. Brock is 22. 

It was hard to have words to say or pray when you are choking back sobs hoping that the one you want to talk to will not be able to tell. It was one of the hardest days ever to see such pain exchanged here. Pain from the heart is always the most difficult. It is hard to understand. You want to explain. You want to believe, but your eyes try to convince your flesh that there is no hope. It is such a fight to keep the faith. There is such a pleading going on inside for God to pour out His mercy.

Years ago Caleb and Brock went on a mission trip to Brazil together. They spent a summer ministering, spreading the gospel, and working alongside one another. Young boys at the time, they were making an impact on the world. They had been friends before that time, but that trip strengthened the tie between them. 

Brock has a fiance that has been having stress related seizures since Brock was diagnosed. I took Caleb to see her after our visit with Brock. She had seizures the whole time we were with her. She is very young to be dealing with all of this. She doesn't really have anyone to support her emotionally right now. Please pray for Nicole as well. I know Caleb was a comfort to her.

A day passed, Caleb prepared himself,  and we stopped back by to visit with Brock on the way to the airport. It was better for Caleb this time. He could talk to Brock. He prayed with him. Brock cried. 

In the picture (from our first visit), Brock's grandma asked if he could shake Caleb's hand. He reached over and took Caleb's hand. They held hands for quite a while. You can see that Caleb is holding back emotion. It was rough.

My dad passed away four years ago from last Saturday, May 30, 2005. Caleb spoke at dad's funeral. He said that speaking at that funeral and seeing Brock the way he is were the two most difficult times of his life so far. I wish I could tell him that it will be the last time it will be hard for him or that it will never get worse than that. 

It was hard seeing Brock that way. I visited with his mom and dad and tried to be a comfort to them and that was difficult too. But seeing my son, Caleb, so distraught was really, really hard.

Thank you to those of you who have added Brock to your prayer list. Please include his sweetheart, Nicole. Did I tell you that Caleb introduced them? He knew that they were the perfect match. 

There is power in agreement, friends!

Thank you,




Monica said...

Yes, I am praying...

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Wow...that picture speaks a thousand words. Such's such an expression of love to see men embrace (in this case hold hands).

Six weeks is a long time to not be able to communicate (or rather talk) and be in such pain.

Thanks for sharing such a hard moment for you all.

Tracy Wagman said...

I will continue praying. I'm so sorry.

Teresa said...

What love.... what pain.... both physical and emotional and spiritual. I will pray for Brock, Nicole, and Caleb in this time of suffering and pain. For mercy, for healing, comfort and strength.

Bless you and yours,

Joyful said...

Oh Cheri...the picture on FB sent me over here to see if there was some explaination. I'm so sorry for all the pain your family has met, and I will pray for Brock and Nicole, their families, Caleb and other friends who are ministering to them at this time. So hard. Things like this seem to make no sense at all...I just don't understand.

Praying my friend, and sending a hug. Miss you. Love ya,
PS. I received your e-mail and WILL answer...hopefully today! Thanks for thinking of me...we're still on quite the journey.

Melissa said...

Oh Cheri, my heart aches for Caleb, Brock, Nicole...everyone!!! What a beautiful life and so sad, but wow God has worked it seems through these young men before and I'm sure He will in this too.

Truly, my heart hurts. I will not only pray, but I will add this to our FABULOUS Prayer Warriors list of prayers. We have an awesome team that would be honored to pray.

I'll be praying for you too! As a mom who is watching this first hand, I know you are hurting too.

Love you,

Kandace Rather said...

No words to describe...only He can understand. Praying for peace that passes all understanding....Love you!

L.L. Barkat said...


Melody Troth said...

I had no idea Caleb and Brock were friends or even knew each other. It's a comfort just knowing that Brock had such a wonderful friend and that they made such beautiful memories together. I'm sure your visit brought back all those memories and probably sustained Brock for several days that he might otherwise have been only enduring the thoughts of his pain and that of his families. Brocks life has touched so many and continues to do so. We pray that God keeps him in the palm of his hand and comforts him and all of his friends and family during this very difficult time.

Susan said...

Oh how heart breaking...

I will pray for Brock and also for your friend.

Believing for a miracle♥

Shanda said...

That is a powerful picture. Those are definitely difficult days for your son to deal with. Praise God that regardless of what our children have to endure that He is faithful.

I loved your P31 devotional today! I too was "the other woman" who took my son from his mother - in a healthy way; but it was clearly a difficult transition for her. (which meant for us as well) I began a journal early on in our marriage specifically to remind myself of the tears I cried due to the difficulty of that relationship so I could read it later in life when I was releasing my children in marriage. It is amazing how much I have gleaned even just from journaling.

~*Michelle*~ said...

I will lift Brock and Nicole in prayer...prayers of healing, strength and peace.

Tumors/cancer is ugly.
Jesus Christ is beautiful.

Matt 18:20 confirms to me that prayer is powerful and I believe in miraculous healings.

I will also be praying for Caleb....may He be the source of strength and hope throughout this journey. May he continue to trust and believe that God is good. All the time.