Saturday, May 30, 2009


My PAST is blurring my vision
begging to influence my future, 
my now.......
It desires to hold hands,
forcing my attention,
distorting what was,
fabricating a new story.

Reality has
long been a vapor,
but the PAST desires to
renew it with skin.
From this viewpoint 
it appears real. 
It haunts me, promising me
if I only visit,
it will be kinder to me this time.

I glance behind,
tempted by its promises,
knowing that I will
be disappointed and 
will return empty handed

If only happy memories
would plead,
and demand my attention. 
They have settled and found
their rest in the corners of 
my mind. 

Times of pain, remorse, regret
keep returning,
without invitation,
tapping my shoulder, 
begging me to turn around 
and get lost somewhere 
back there in a distorted
used to be world.

I can't go back. I have become
a stranger there, 
I'm a new creature, and I know that 
it pulls with lies.

However, when it beckons,
I turn, glance behind, though
I no longer have
anything to offer it, 
and I am aware of
it's power to distract. 

I set my face toward new
beyond what used to be,
I gain new strength....
It empowers me.
Beginning with today,
a new yesterday is forming,
a fresh tomorrow is waiting
on the horizon.

My Savior appears, 
my rescuer.
He reminds my PAST of 
my freedom, demanding that
he loosen his grip.
My PAST releases my hand,
and slips away.

My vision is no longer blurred,
all is clear.....looking back cannot
harm me now....
My PAST has been redeemed by
the Savior of my soul.
His grace creates a barrier that 
insists my PAST be used for good. 

Face forward, I run into the future,
loosed from the weight
of what used to be, setting my sights
on what is to come.


Tracy Wagman said...

That is beautiful!

Joyful said...

A masterpiece my friend. I'm setting my face toward a new tomorrow.


Kandace Rather said...

His grace creates a barrier that insists that my past be used for, that really spoke to me. Thank you, Jesus.
Love you!

Daveda said...

Cheri this is awesome. The ending about His grace also reminds me of the scripture (can't recall exactly where) that talks about how He redeems our time as well. If we feel like time has been lost, we need to remember that God gives back all, and does not work in time. Beautiful!

can you give us an update on Brock? How are things going? Praying!