Wednesday, May 13, 2009


At first I didn't think he even noticed me. He had his eye set on getting to the new red geranium at my back door. I wish that my camera had been hanging around my neck but once again I was unprepared for the wonder that the Lord was going to present before me today. The little green hummingbird remained inches from my face as if insisting that I thoroughly examine him as he hung in space and tasted the nectar of the crimson blooms. 

I was awestruck at his presence. We don't have these little creatures around our house very often. It seemed that his little green body with wings at full speed,  had just been released from the hand of the Master, so that my attention should be roused and my awe of Him restored. 

The timing was impeccable. I had just returned home after many errands and he arrived at the same exact moment. 

I really believe that little wonder of God had a message for me. He was redirecting my sights. He spoke without words. 

Once again my heart felt it's redemption. 

Wonder replaced worry.

My little friend has not returned. My eye will be more attentive now. Expectations are stirred with hope that he will. He might be one of those amazing acquaintances of life that are so brief that they are barely there at all. They seem like a phantom, or perhaps a vision, or dream, however the imprint they leave behind remains with us long after their departure. 

 The Lord did this for me. Today, He blew me a kiss from the palm of his hand and it came to me in the form of a humming bird. 

So I returned the gesture as best I could ,with gratitude, for His compassions are great. His love is generous. His Spirit is kind. And because of who He is, my heart is completely filled with awe.


Daveda said...

Hi Cheri, I nominated you for an award on my blog...please stop by and check it out!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Ahh...this reminds me of what God brought me this morning and now I have a place to share it. As I pulled out of my drive today, a rabbit was hopping in the neighbors yard. I stopped and just looked at him. Saying in a child-like voice, "ah, hey rabbit rabbit." Oh, what gentleness my spirit felt. I also said to myself "Ah, God, you not only brought my birds with me, but you brought my rabbit?"

For you see an actually bunny (not rabbit---you know the difference...bunny is fatter and looks more domesticated, rabbit is skinnier) lived under my back deck. At least I thought he did. I saw him one last time during the week I was moving. It was dusk and I tried as best I could to snap a picture of him. I even had my camera (not just my phone) but my actual camera in the car and still could not get a good picture. The lighting was too dark yet the flash flushed him out. I believe he really did live under my deck at the other house because he was with us for a few years. I would see him often in the yard this past spring. Oh how I wanted to run to it and pick it up and love it. Oh the conversations I would have when I saw it. He never knew I was talking to him and loving him from the one who doesn't really like touch at least. But oh how I love to watch them: birds, squirels, rabbits, bunnies.
Thanks for allowing me a place to share this. There is not a lot of woods per say in my parts (my new neighborhood)so I was quite suprised to see the little fella.
Thanks for your comment.
Love ya,

Mindy M. Harris said...

Beautiful, Cheri! Did Bsh get her writing talents from you?

Shanda said...

So sweet! I think we often miss some of these precious moments that God offers as blessings to us because of the business of life. Thank you for reminding me of His heart toward us this morning!