Saturday, May 16, 2009

Golden Heart Award

I love surprises! This week I received a very special surprise from my friend Daveda from Grace Talk With Daveda. She nominated me for the Golden Heart Award. Oh my, I have never gotten such an award before! AHHHHHHHHHH! (That is me responding with excitement!)

She must have been intuitive or divinely inspired or something because I was contemplating my future as a writer. I read an article this week titled "Are You Really A Writer?". To tell you the truth, it had a stirring affect on me. Ummmm? Then it shook me up..... A LOT!  I thought about it, prayed about it, and then sat down at my computer and began to write. My conclusion, just keep after it because, how to say, I feel I must!

 I appreciate my bloggy friends because they read my posts with a "mother's eye" rather than that of an inspector. As they read, they sprinkle my words with grace. Intuitively they perceive my intentions and are so encouraging! They read between and beyond the lines! (Friends, I am not really prompting critiquing here. That scares me to death!) My stay in bloggy world has been such a delightful experience. My heart is tied to those I follow as well as to those who are following me. It is an enlightening fellowship.

What an interesting way to minister, putting thoughts and prayers on a page expecting to lift another's load. My desire is that it will be refreshing for those that peruse my page. Oh, to be able to create a smile, inspire agreement in prayer, equip a saint for her next step, exhort, motivate, and bless. Blogging is a creative way to leave that kind of wake behind us. It kind of like having 'Goodness and Mercy follow us all of our days'.

Now I get to pass along this award to five others that are part of my bloggy world. It is a privilege to encourage them. I hope that you will visit them and leave them a comment. Say hello and make a new friend! These are the friends that I have chosen.

1. Ashli from "Vagrant"~ is my beautiful daughter. She is an amazing writer with deep insights that are sure to amaze you. I hope to write as well as she does someday. I love everything she writes, but the pieces that have a reflection on our home really melt my heart!
2. Laura from "The Wellblog" who ministers rich truths in art form. Have you heard of Max Lucado? Laura has like talent with the female touch. Her "pen" is her paintbrush. 
3. Joy from "Ponderings"  ~is a wise and gifted writer that will bless you beyond words. She aims her wisdom straight to the heart of the matter and hits the bulls-eye every time. You will love Joy. She is a very special friend of mine! EnJoy!
4. Kandace from "The Mantle"~is the newest on my roster of bloggy friends, and is one of my longtime buddies in real life. Our relationship began long before I knew how to send an e-mail much less post a blog. She testifies of the amazing hand of the Lord in her life. Expect to find His fingerprints all over her testimonies!
5. And "Melissa" ~one of my coaches from Proverbs 31 Ministries. Melissa ministers in such a warm, genuine, and simply beautiful way. I have been walking with her through this bloggy sphere for some time. She has been such a blessing to my life. Prepare to meet a sweetheart and find a new friend! 

Just click on the links in red to meet some precious women  that the Lord has used to inspire me. It has been such a pleasure to introduce you to them in this very special way. 

If you receive this award and decide to accept, it's your turn now. You get to choose 5 blogging friends that you would like to pass the "Golden Heart Award" along to. Post this in a blog and make sure you add the heart photo in it. Then, notify those you have selected that you have nominated them. Ask your readers to check out their sites, leave a comment, and if they like what they read, they become a follower!

Thank you for the sweet surprise, Daveda! You made my day!

Because He Lives!


Daveda said...

Cheri, I am glad you accepted :) You are a wonderful writer, inspired by the Holy Spirit!

Tea With Tiffany said...

Congrats on the award!

Joyful said...

WOW Cheri!!! THANK YOU!!! What a lovely surprise. You just continue to bless my heart in so many ways. You my friend, are such a deserving recipient. You have a heart of gold.


Laura said...

Oh, Cheri! How sweet! And what a compliment you give. Max Lucado? Wow. I am speechless.

But yes, it is you who has the golden heart. And arent' we glad we listen to one another with hearts of grace?

You bless me.


Kandace Rather said...

Cheri! You continually bless me.....the thought of being a "blogger" has not really set in, BUT , your encouragement helps me to keep writing! Love you!!!

Shanda said...

Congratulations on your award! I have popped over here from Daveda's blog a few times in the past and have always been blessed by your writing. You are a blessing to many!

The timing of this award was perfect for me too! God is so good!

Melissa said...


I am just now getting to this! Congrats to you, as someone already said, you do have a golden heart. And I'm touched that you would consider me as well.

It is actually perfect timing for me to receive this today, I needed an award..kind of a confirmation of a few things.

1. To keep writing

2. That I matter and what I write matters (you know I've been down lately)

Love you girl! Congrats to you, who totally deserves recognitiion!

Oh yea, I would hardly consider myself a "coach"...makes me sound like an expert in my field...which I'm NOT!!! ha!