Monday, May 11, 2009

In The Wake of Mother's Day

Does anyone else have a hard time with Mother's Day or is it just me? I fail to understand why I am so emotional about this day. I seriously cannot figure myself out. Perhaps every year I am at that emotional time of the month and that is why tears are ready to spill at any given second. For the last several years this has had to be one of my least favorite days! I dread it. I endure it. I always look forward to getting beyond it.

Maybe it is because I have to do the cooking for everyone. I usually work very hard on Saturdays and prepare a wonderful meal. Ugggh!!! This year my mom and mother-in-law pitched in some. That didn't even make me feel better though I surely did eat better.

I usually enjoy making a meal, but I don't like my attitude at all when I make it for Mother's Day. I tried so hard to get myself in a better frame of mind about it. To no avail!

Saturday my husband was in a very good mood........he was even a little frisky.....uggghhhh!!! And all I could think was I have soooo much to do to prepare for Mother's Day! And so, I know, I am feeling very sorry for myself!

I walked in from one of my errands on Saturday to find my husband lounging on the couch watching Grumpy Old Men! I was immediately grumpier inside and some of my grumpiness began to erupt. I thought to myself, "Grumpiness entertains him, well I can do that!"

He looked happy to see me, and he got all smoozy and such and wondered what I was doing. I did not handle his inquiry well. "I have to cook!!!!!"

My first regret was that I had to go to Wal-Mart before I could cook! The day before Mother's Day. The day of prom. The week before graduation!!!! I don't like to go to Wal-Mart when there are people there much less a crowd that would consist of most of Neosho and surrounding counties. I was in such a bad state of mind.

I began to think that Mother's Day could be difficult for moms in various situations. Perhaps there is a mom with a son or daughter overseas in the military, on the mission field, or perhaps in school. Perhaps you have a mom that is in heaven now and you miss her on this day.

One reason that I think I struggle is this is one of the times that my dad would alway get with me to find something special for my mom. He got sick about four years ago this time of year and died on Memorial Day of that same year......Yeah Memorial Day is really rough for me too!

I remember my first Mother's Day I was pregnant with  Josh. Scotty gave me my very first Mother's Day card. I hadn't even thought of receiving anything on Mother's Day since this was my first experience at being one. He has been faithful to get me a card every year since, that is until last year and this. I guess I am terribly spoiled because I miss this simple gesture of thoughtfulness. 

Scotty is so good at finding the best card in the world! Even if he waits until the morning of a holiday to buy me a card it is always the most amazing card ever! I seriously do not know how he does it. Perhaps it is because he is such a mercy person that this is one of the ways that the Lord returns mercy to him, by hiding the perfect card back until he walks into the store and then the Lord supernaturally moves it into plain sight.  

Well, he didn't even make the effort this year so I am wondering who got the card that was supposed to come to me! Oh, I know, I am in desperate need of a good talking to. I am not sounding like a Proverbs 31 Woman. I am so sorry. I don't understand myself at all. I cry at church on Mother's Day every year. A couple of years I just had to leave because it was too hard. 

Well, as the day was on it's way out it got better. Lunch was delightful. Josh, Luke, and Josiah were here. My mom and Scotty's mom and dad were here and I thoroughly enjoyed everyone. Scotty was so sweet and loving  and simply wonderful! 

I talked to a dear friend of mine today and she had a very difficult Mother's Day for different reasons. She is in Missouri, her sons are far away and she was completely alone on Mother's Day. 

But the Lord is so good, because we are never really alone. 

I did get a card on Mother's Day. It was from my mother. 

And that is why we celebrate our mothers, because of all the people we know and love, they are the ones who will always remember us.

My love to you friends. 

If  you happen to be a mother, I hope you had the most amazing Mother's Day ever!!!!!



Kandace Rather said...

Ok dear friend of year, "thou shalt not cook on Mother's day or the day before" Instead, you will (in humility) expect to be taken out to a nice lunch (take the mom's in law with) and then be spoiled throughout the day!! :-) If it looks like it might not be heading in that direction, call me and I will come over and spoil you! BTW, you are an awesome mommy! :-)

Teresa said...

Oh Cheri,
Thank you for sharing from your heart and being so open. I appreicate your words, though I am only on my third mothers day this year, I find myslef feeling guilty for the holiday not living up to my expectations (kinda like my birthday). This year my sweet Hailey actually chose Mothers day to tell me that she doesn't like me sometimes. :) What can you say to that? She's three, and she's honest. You are a wonderful mom- a Proverbs 31 woman and mother if I ever saw one!
But I agree with Kandace- NO COOKING on Mothers day!
God Bless,

Laura said...

Hello, my friend!

I must admit, I was having a bit of an attitude this mother's day too. With everything going on at our church, I had double the responsibilities, and spent most of the day serving others.

Shame on me, right?

Later, my boys went for a walk with me and we passed by a neighor whose son had taken his own life just days before. It put everything in perspective for me. I just hugged my boys tight the next chance I got.

Being a mother has been the greatest gift God has ever given me. Sometimes I forget that :)

I love you, lady! Thank you for your prayers!

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

Dear Cheri,

It's so refreshing to see your honesty and transparency when writing your blog post today! I can so identify with a lot of your feelings. I sometimes feel intimidated by women who only ever post about the "highs" in their lives and never seem to have any "lows" like I do! It's so good to know that God knows us...all our moods, our problems, our insecurities....and still loves us just the same! :)

God bless you!