Thursday, June 11, 2009


She chose every twig, blade of grass, and feather thoughtfully interweaving tendrils and twigs. She drops a feather in for comfort. The nest sturdy but delicate. Secure yet cozy. Designed by inspiration.

Built to endure ferocious winds and costly gales, the nest will prove it's strength. Invisible threads well knit, mock the winds that threaten destruction. Gusts and gales tantalize and twist, testing the weary, bending the strong, breaking the weak. The birdhouse that houses this little nest is tossed, torn  completely off it's pole leaving the nest in a precarious position upon the ground. Eventually the wind gives up the fight, claiming victory. Leaving shattered remains.

Scattered are house, pole, and nest upon the ground. Five tawny eggs lay in the hollow of the nest. Momma wren, perched high up in the tree, sings her song with passion. Is she singing praise in spite of her circumstances? Or is she beckoning the angels of heaven, pleading for a rescue? Perhaps it is only a song of desperation and distraction, trying to persuade our focus from her young. I presume it is the passion of praise. 

Soon her home is totally restored. Her house is replaced on the pole, nest safe inside, house tightened and secure, stronger and more prepared for the next indignant, passing storm. 

Her workmanship, the nest, was supreme, inspired, proving her giftedness. The nest survived the gales, though the birdhouse did not. And her praise endured, though she could not promise hope. She did all that she could do. She trusted the Lord with what she could not do. And help was sent her way. 

Life is such, no? We have wisdom for certain things, but there are some things that are just out of our hands. They are out of our power to fix.  Out of our power to understand. We must rely on higher wisdom.  A stronger Being. Our confidence reaches beyond what we know to Who we know. 

Scotty was the angel that came to the rescue of the little wren and her home. He stepped into her disaster and offered rescue and relief. The One that encouraged that little wren to build her nest in our little birdhouse knew that there would be a storm in her future. The One who inspired her talents to build her nest also knew that there would be a man close by that would help her with her cause. He knew that the man would have the compassion and the wisdom to be a help to that little bird. The man could not build the nest, but he could restore the home.

The Lord cares about these things. He notices sparrows that fall to the ground. He notices every sparrow (and wren) that falls to the ground. How much more does He take notice in the storms of our lives? "Do not fear therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows." Matthew 10:31 

Seasons of storms come. Winds blow, circumstances toss, scatter, and sometimes completely leave destruction in their wake. Could we learn from Momma wren who perched herself on one of the highest branches and stirred up a song in spite of her disaster, reaching for help with praise, hoping when their seemed to be no reason to hope?

The storm has since passed. Momma wren goes in and out of the little house. Her arias ring with vibrato . She has survived a very destructive storm. In spite of it her babies are safe. Her home is secure. She rests, rejoices, basking in her reward.  


Teresa said...

So true. Such love of the Father and love of that momma wren. It's funny you should write this because I have been watching a momma red bird that has a nest in a bush right outside our bathroom window. Her eggs are now hatched and I have been watching in awe and wonder as she sits and guards and goes out to get food and bring back. It has inspired me to want to be a better mother, just watching her and the mothering spirit the Lord has placed in her. And just the other day when it stormed and I closed that bathroom window I watched as she sat in her nest and the wind blew that bush all around and I worried about her and her baby birds safety. Thank you for reminding me that we are not to worry just as the wren and red bird don't worry. Our Father is in control- he will protect and he will provide. :)

Love you Cheri! God bless you!

Van said...

You know God is speaking when we all hear the same story and wee the same pictures! Priase Him - even in the midst of the storm. As I "consider the birds" and watch those around me weather the storms - and their nests aren't built on the solid foundation my home is -- then I know God will take care of me as I seek His kingdom first!

Joyful said...

Oh Cheri, thank you for this today. There are details that are so out of my control right now concerning my Dad, and I just feel so helpless. Because Dad's mind cannot fully comprehend why he is where he is, it makes the situation even more difficult. He is giving up hope as he cannot understand that we are honestly working constantly through the system and the 'red tape' to bring him closer to home, but he just thinks we aren't trying to help him. It's so sad.

Thanks for the reminder that this 'storm' did not catch God unaware. Praying I will perch myself on a "high branch" and the Spirit will stir up a song in spite of disaster and I'll sing my praise to the Lord.


Shanda said...

Beautiful truth.

~*Michelle*~ said...

OK, I am gonna tell you that you truly have a gift. The Gift. I felt like I was listening to The Lord Himself reading this entry. Truth be told, I had goosebumps and tears welled in my eyes.


I am awestruck when I see a nest and how God has taught the birds to intricately build a home that no man could replicate. The fact that I have random nests around my home might indicate that, lol.

Oh, I'm Michelle.....popping over from Christy Rose's place and sooooooo thrilled I did. I will def. be back for more. I have a feeling I will be fed spiritually with your works.

Thank much.


Marilyn in Mississippi said...

Wow! Wow! Wow! What a picture of the loving care of our Lord in our lives!


Laura said...

This is so lovely, Cheri.

I need reminded of God's caring nature lately. We are on vacation and were robbed on the way down here. Someone broke into our hotel room and stole our cash and my wallet.

The money, we can survive, but among my treasured slips of paper in my wallet was the original mini-notebook paper with the scripture you gave me last year at she-speaks. I treasured that verse, written in your own hand. I'll never forget how I was headed out the door to leave the conference and there you were, saying, "I was hoping I would see you again." Then you gave me those precious words and in the process took a little piece of my heart.

Boo. Hoo.

My only prayer is that whoever stole my wallet will be as moved by that scripture, and the others I kept with me, as I was.

Hope your summer is going well.

Love you,