Monday, August 16, 2010

Beauty and the Beast

Scotty and I went to Starlight Theater in Kansas City last night to watch the beautiful production of Beauty and the Beast. I was completely captivated by the set, the cast, the music, the gorgeous night. Everything was absolutely perfect! I don't know if I have ever enjoyed a musical production as much as I did that one ... which was a complete surprise to me!

In reflection, I have pondered the different morals that the musical presents. Genuine beauty hidden in the Beastly looking one. The proud beauty (Gaston) filled with the obvious disease of self-absorption. Belle, the reader, the thinker, the practical, quick-witted prize that both men desired. Her profound portrayal of a discerning woman was brilliant.

The spell. The captivity one can be under because of an incident from the past and

the power of love to liberate an imprisoned soul.

I loved the faithfulness displayed between Belle and her papa.

2 Timothy 3 talks about "weak willed women" another version says "gullible". Belle was not weak willed or gullible. She was strong and stood for what she believed in.

Of course it is just a fairy tale. For me it was a magical evening full of beauty and prose.

Today it is food for thought.


myletterstoemily said...

dear cheri,

i loved this post, because i think the
moral of the beauty and the beast is
so precious.

my girls are so much stronger than
me, because they each had the courage
to step outside the box and pay the
price and then win the prize!


Susan Panzica - EternityCafe said...

Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney movie and show. The sacrifice Belle makes to give her father freedom is an illustration of what Jesus did for us, and calls us to do for others. Belle's ability to see the person inside, to draw him out and to love without limits is an example for us to follow.
And the staging of the play (at least the Broadway version) was absolutely spectacular.