Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Our apple tree is beyond the bloom and well into the harvest season. I just came in from a pickin'. They are nice and round this year, with a hint of blush . The tree is full.

Last year we had only one apple off of that tree. Kind of disappointing. No apple cobbler. No fried green apples. It was a fruitless tree. For one season.

The frost had come early and destroyed any hopes of a harvest ... last year. It was a hard year for the tree. I wonder if that tree sensed our disappointment and decided that no matter what, it was going to have a plentiful harvest this season. The disappointment most likely had nothing to do with us.

It might have hoped for bloom and bounty last season too, but it wasn't to be.

Seasons of fruitfulness. Barren seasons.

There have been years when that tree was so bountiful that the limbs tickled the ground from the weight of the fruit. Deer have enjoyed a dessert feast, but because of circumstance or schedule or trial, I failed to enjoy the fruit off of that wonderful tree. I missed my opportunity. They are ripe only so long. Bugs come. Apples eventually rot on the limbs or get eaten by deer.

Today, I took advantage of our abundance. We will be having fried apples for dinner. The kids love them. Two of my kids will be home to enjoy them.

Been thinking a lot about spiritual fruitfulness. Seasons. Opportunities. Responsibilities. Callings. Do you have any thoughts about these things?

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Joyful said...

Seasons in our world flow one to another. Our calendar each year records the first day of Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Each one begins on a designated day, coming expected, unchanging and predictable. The seasons in our life are not as reliable. We experience spring's freshness, summer's warmth and rest, autumn's cool winds and winter's harsher climate at any time of the year. We can even live with the elements of two seasons running parallel across our lives at the same time.

I'm forever thankful for the season that God caused our friendship to bloom. I'll forever enjoy the fruit of friendship we share.

Love ya friend,