Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Do You Hear What I Hear?

An angel spoke ... a handmaid humbled herself, bowing low to receive heavenly words, life altering words, brimming with redemption. Holy encounter sealed calling of great price.
"Holy Spirit will overshadow you and you will give birth" ...
Fruit of Spirit lay nestled in womb until the time of His revealing.
A handmaid heard ... sleeping world lay deaf to expectation.

Shepherds heard ... angels declaring promises, heavenly words of peace for men's souls. While hearing, angels words of proclamation transformed to dancing words, songs of rejoicing filling heavenly skies ...
Shepherds heard ... sleeping world lay deaf to Divine revelation.

Simeon heard Spirit of God ... Deliverer would be arriving, Simeon waited, anticipation rising, expectation filling every fiber of being, eyes seeking until door of temple opened and handmaid, arms filled with heavenly promise, caught his eye ...
Simeon heard ... sleeping church lay deaf to anticipation.

Humble folk heard Godwords ...
What were they doing when they heard celestial voices ...
was handmaid washing stained garments? Dishes? Changing a siblings diaper?
were shepherds counting sheep? Poking one another in fun? Perusing mountains for ravage beasts?
was Simeon dutifully stoking fire on altar at temple? Counting offerings in the treasury? Dusting scrolls and putting them in order?

Were they tending to humdrum life with faithfulness when the Lord saw and with joy blessed their mundane moment with awe?

Almost twenty years ago I was was going to have a baby. I was bedridden, sick, so sick, with four very active children playing around me. I could hardly move. I rested my heavy laden body, burdened with child and pain on our couch. I waited. Difficult day followed difficult day.  Several days before bringing our newest joy into the world, I had a revelation ... a silent voice powered with knowing ... the child would be a boy. Instruction was clear, "make Christmas photo cards with a nativity on them". My children would depict a handmaiden, a faithful carpenter, tiny shepherds, and a baby Jesus. Of course LambsyChops would represent a lamb in the manger scene.

Christmas cards from twenty years ago have been framed and continue to rest on mantles in homes around the country every year. Celestial spoke to simple and simple and others are still being blessed.

No one heard what Mary heard ... she had to share it ... Mary did not hear what shepherds heard ... they had to tell her. She did not hear what Simeon heard ... he was bursting with news ... you might never hear what I heard ... I hope you didn't mind that I wanted to share ...

We may not hear the same thing ... but hosts from heaven speak ... sometimes so that we can hear. We will hear, sometimes when we are listening for a voice of instruction, and sometimes when life is mundane or even hard.

Have you ever been inspired by heavenly voices? Your sharing would be a gift that I would love to open this Christmas.

My prayer for all, Word of God speak ...

Excuse me, the mundane calls ... must go and work out!

Merry Christmas Blessings!



Sarah said...

Enjoy the beauty in the mundane as well.

Wanna do something spunky and eternal this Christmas? Then, you are nvited you to a water buffalo party! No formal attire required, just stop by and splash along with us.


Be blessed bunches,

myletterstoemily said...

wow. this is especially beautiful. thank you
for sharing your intimate word from the

here is mine. it's very personal, but you asked
so sweetly.

our firstborn had a terrible infection in his
lungs, and the doctors gave us no hope. his
life was in the balance for many days. i tried
to pump milk as an act of faith, but there was
nothing for three days.

the enemy was shouting that i had no milk,
because i would have no baby.

i asked the Lord for a sign, which i knew was
something He didn't really like, but i was so
desperate. when i looked at the bottle, it
was full of milk.

and, of course, our baby lived. he's 6'7" and
wonderfully kind. :)