Saturday, April 30, 2011


I do not have newsprint lining the walls of our home, but I do have powerful phrases posted here and there. Words of inspiration to invite the soul to swell . . . wisdom expressed.

One of my favorite phrases lines an old crock: It is plain, really, simple, Oh, but it is the thought that made me plunk down too much money to bring that old piece home . . .

"families are forever" 

I am learning that sometimes forever has to be worked at.

A home was devastated this past week in neighboring town. A young mother, 38, was given a week to live. Cancer. She passed last Wednesday. But families are forever. She waits for the rest of her young brood to follow her someday to her eternal dwelling. She will meet them at the gate. I believe. I believe!

I have chased a bunny trail, I am afraid. I intended to share some of my favorite reads. Works that have moved my heart to better places. Phrases that have opened understanding and helped bring healing to my mind. I thought you might be encouraged by these works as well.

One of my all time favorite devotionals  is Tozer on the Holy Spirit, a 366-Day Devotional compiled by Marilynne E. Foster. Tozer is one of the very best writers ever! His works have inspired me so much!!! I have read through this devotional several times and will again. It gives wing to heart!

Other inspirational works that will never leave the nightstand beside my bed:

Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus by Ann Spangler and Lois Tverberg. This book is amazing! I will continue to refer back to it again and again. This book opens understanding.

Crazy Love and Forgotten God two works by Francis Chan. Books that were not written to make one feel comfortable. They are compelling! Very good reads!

Radical by David Platt. This book will stir you right out of your comfort zone. It challenges to the core! One of my favorite things about it is that he gives a plan to help you shake out of the zone. I LOVE that! The cover says, "This is a must read for every believer!" Great idea!!!

Prayer, the Heart's True Home and The Celebration of Discipline by Richard J. Foster.  Life changing works! These books are powerful and packed with wisdom! I love both of them and refer to them again and again.

One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. I am reading this right now, nearing the end of it. Ann shares deep wisdom with beautiful phrases. I have drawn little pencil hearts all over the pages of my copy. Those little hearts mark the God inspired wisdom that Ann has received after praying through difficult times. I love this book. It is a treasure!

Choosing to See by Mary Beth Chapman. I could hardly put this book down! Mary Beth is honest and real and shares her heart very openly. My favorite part of this book was seeing how the Lord blessed this family with assurance after they lost their little girl. Their story is awesome. The Lord is magnified through this work. It is a blessing to read! I hesitated picking it up for fear that it would be too sad . . . it has it's sad times, but the next minute I would have tears from laughter. This is a great book!

Secrets of the Secret Place by Bob Sorge. This book is amazing! It is definitely among my very favorite reads if all time! I cannot recommend this book enough! It has drawing power to take you to the deeper waters of the Spirit. I love this book!

Heaven Is For Real by Todd Burpo. I read this book in one day. It is amazing!!! The first chapter or two were hard for me. Once I got beyond those two difficult  chapters I could not stop!!! The sub-title says, "A Little Boy's Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back". I believe there is integrity in this work. I believe that you will be blessed by this read!

Going to read soon:

Between a Rock and a Grace Place by Carol Kent.  I read Carol's When I Lay My Isaac Down which is amazing. It is a must read for mother's who of prodigal children. It is liberating!!! I am looking forward to more of Carol's written messages. I got to hear her speak recently at an E-Women conference. in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Her testimony will stretch you!

Made to Crave by Lysa Terkeurst. I am looking forward to this read. Lysa's writing is awesome. She has touched my life in a multitude of ways! I am so thankful for her ministry!!! It has made a difference for me! She also has dvd's and a workbook for this book. It is on the New York Times bestseller list. I am expecting great things from this work.

There are so many more wonderful books that I have read that were written by some amazing authors. I did not list fiction this time, I do read fiction, and I love it!!! But I guess I always come back to the non-fiction stuff the most.

Would you let me know if you choose to read one these great books? Will you come back and let me know your thoughts? I would love that!!! Not only do I love to read, I love to share what I have read. That is probably my favorite part! Rich blessings!

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