Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Embrace of God, Husband, and Wife

Morning breaks.
We rise.
He holds out his arms to me, I accept the invitation, and step into his embrace.
I rest my head against his shoulder and he begins to utter prayer.
My words are quiet, yet spoken underneath his. Whispers of agreement echo his heartcry.
He prays for me, then for us.
Our children, one by one, brought before God. We name them and ask
the Lord's blessing on them. Then ask specifically, the things they have need of.
It is nearly the same every day, the prayer that we pray, and yet it is always new, fresh, and empowering.
We begin every new day touching God with our agreement. We press into an invisible triangle.
We have survived many storms under this invisible canopy . . . our God.
He has kept us together.
Our heartbeats are synchronized in these precious moments.
We rejoice in our God, our Maker. He who declared we should be one.
And we thank Him . . . each day.
He hears our prayers and praise, the harmony of our voices touch the heart of God.

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Mariel said...

precious! i love this! praying with my man is such a sweet time. love that i found your blog :)